August 21, 2008

God tussi great ho

Kalinga & Kebab Court are the new restaurants ( part of the Savera group?) recently opened in Velachery. Hot and happening Velachery!! ( my new rant- When will Pallikarnai-Medavakam follow suit?)

Kalinga( strange name - did they want it to be a war zone?) was a well appointed restaurant basic with nice touches like the black and white wall sketches depicting rural scenes with just a bit of colour for relief. We all had veg thali meals and found it good and with the expected and desirable pappu podi, avvakai and excellent gongura chutney. I wish they had interesting dessert items from Andhra and starters like ponnugulu( guntha panagalu) and maybe mini pesarettu. If it was indeed there, I did not notice.

Anush enjoyed her finger bowls and curd rice in that order and kept asking about the Telugu film music that was playing

I have been to the Kebab Court on ECR and find it above average but NOT in the league of Kebab Factory at Radisson. But of course the prices are also more affordable- you get as you pay at least in this case.

As for the movie, God tussi great ho will disappoint Amitabh fans and will delight Salman fans in the first half. The second half drags and drones on for all fans and non fans alike. For the first time I liked Priyanka and her look in this movie

This is Chennai's Bday week and lot of interesting things are planned...... take a look here

Thanks Sree for this. I am honoured and would like to pass it on to all those who have commented in the last 3 posts. ( They are my readers so they must be brilliant and I am so modest)

And yeah another thumbs up for Sushil Kumar's bronze in wrestlng.


DC said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I really like the way you are designing your new home and the new 'corners of our home' pic is just great. I think it is even more commendable that someone took the care to preserve these antique pieces.

Also, your tidbits on Chennai restaurants, walking trails, malls etc is very informative. Infact, we are moving back home (to Chennai) after a long time.... and Chennai seems to have changes a lot in the meantme and I find your blog very useful (esp. the car re-registration part!)

Sorry for the long comment. Thanks for all the info. that you have provided.


Choxbox said...

i still cant beleive that vales can be hot! and happening too?! the only hot thing i know abt it was the chai at the campus gates!

Artnavy said...

dc- glad to be of some use even inadvertently

pl feel free to mail me for any other info you may need

and thanks for the vote

Artnavy said...

chox- the chai shop remains- i pass by it sometimes

imagine how shocked my maama was to see Velachery- he is also from IIT chennai- a few decades before u!!

anyway wait till jan till u see it for yourself

Choxbox said...

that drawing is totally cool btw. is the thing (bird? man?) crying?

Loga said...

I have been reading ur blog quite a while,Very informative, Your decor ideas are truly an inspiration to me and You give so much info about lot of things..A Big Thank You !! Keep writing :-)

Artnavy said...

chox- that is anush's version of a penguin

thanks loga

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Mama - Mia said...


will they sell ickets for half the rpice for just firsrt half of the movie since most movies seem to drag in the 2nd half!! :p

great post!!



Krishnan said...

Regards Kalinga restaurant, is it very crowded ? Good to note that the serve good fare.

Artnavy said...

mamma mia- cool idea
like a satisfaction guarenteed or money back promise.

btw if u want to see only the second half of a movie u can go for free?or they will pay you for that??

not crowded since we more or less opened doors on sunday( 12 noon is when they open)

we r brunch people on sundays - so very very hungry by then:-))