August 20, 2008

Time and Again

She wondered why she invited this upon herself time and again.

Why could she not be less fickle?

She knew the perils and yet she went headlong into it.

Now there was no way out.

Because she has a reputation to live up to.

As usual 2 days after boasting about how long her hair had grown and how she had resisted the urge to chop it off!

Moving from The Dora cut I now have what is termed the Anush hair cut - utterly unmanageable and unruly. ( and I just saw this pic today and realised it looks really hot on someone else)


Minka said...

Another hair cut ? So soon.I thought yours looked like Katie Holmes not Dora!

Anonymous said...

Shreya's is a wig ;)

Choxbox said...

hey this is two much. i also jusst got my hair chopped after boasting away that its grown soo long :)

Alan said...

So how's it look with a 9 yard?

Artnavy said...

luckil;y i do not need to wear a 9 yard in teh near future at least

Artnavy said...

chox- i told u we are "connected"

minka- yeah sure!

anon- even smarter then

The Kid said...

woow! you look very pretty with short hair :)

Artnavy said...

kid- no kidding - not too diff from you id pic in the comment space

now go read the post before u comment

so kid maama missed anush's bday??very bad

The Kid said...

acho... completely forgot!

belated happy birthday Anush! :)

Mama - Mia said...


am sure it looks very cool! at least you have hair that can be styled in so many different ways!!

poor us wavy haired people just stick to layered hair!! :(



Artnavy said...

abha- i have wavy hair as well- hence not always encouraging results

anyway still like to experiment with it