May 07, 2008

Tell me why - part 3 or 4

Drive In Woodlands is on the verge of being a lost legend. While I felt the quality of food had deteriorated, the experience was still one to savour- the huge parking lot, the crowd, the fun of it all .....

Saw Tashan last week and I thought it was funny and silly, slightly over the top spoof of formula films. Then I realised that had inadvertantly happened.:-))

I cant understand why there is so much ado about Kareena's new dimensions- her sis Karishma and Amirta Rao & in fact so many others are leaner than her.

Anush cant stop asking me why I had a hair cut ( last Sunday)
It began as a smart blunt but ended up extra bouncy
Anush did not like it and repeatedly asked the question. I did the unpardonable- sheer ( shear) desperation made me say " Because I wanted to look like Dora"

Now she tells everyone who wants to listen" Amma cut her hair. Like Dora?"


Minka said...

I have never been to woodlands in the 9 years I've been here. I have been told I missed one helluva experience.

My son will love you if your hair looks like Dora ! He may well become your bujji . he watches the tamil one on chutti TV and boy , his tamil is getting way better than mine .

~nm said...

Dora Mommy! I likey...I likey! :D

Swati said... wanna look like Dora :D