August 26, 2008

Move over Dora...and Amma

Last evening was entertaining (at my expense)

When I returned home, Anush said " Amma what are you wearing in your ears- so silly the ear rings look!!!" She was in splits at her own comment.

Me" You know H akka gave me these ear rings?" ( that is the truth btw)
Anush" Oh. H akka gave you??? They are so nice!!! Wow!"

Introducing H akka- the new hero( ine) in her life. Move over Dora. This lovely cousin of Navy in Blore is Anush's current craze, at least when it comes to looks.

She just adores her.
She wants long hair like her.
She wants to wear nail polish just as she does

She was surprised to note that akka had to brush her teeth like her "mere mortals" parents

She corrected me when I mentioned akka was wearing jeans- "she is wearing pants amma".
Anush is courageous enough to even face " strange thaathas" when this girl holds her

But she could not digest the fact that akka was a doctor- she kept quizzing if she was unwell and had to go to hospital.

Manipulative that we are we coached the Akka and told Anush to keep her room as neat as she does, wear jeans/ pants etc like she does and eat healthy and well and not be scared of new thaathas.


Choxbox said...

i think amma will soon regain the superhero(ine) status.

Mama - Mia said...

now thats one super smart mom!! :D



Artnavy said...

thanks for that

By Deepa and Supriya said...

thou art indeed wicked, art!!