July 04, 2008


I met K thaatha, over 85 yrs now- he knew me when I was Anushka's age and even younger.
He had been my parents' landlord.

It was very warm meeting him after almost 30 yrs. I hope to visit the old house in Thanjavur with him some day. The same house where he had caught me when I fell off the balcony from the first floor and gave my mom a near heart attack.

He told me in 5 minutes flat that I am just as I was and that all "Art.." are naughty and his grand daughter was named after me!!


Choxbox said...

whoa. so many masks?! all collected from one place or different places?

Artnavy said...

have about 18 masks as of now

from all over and gifted by those who know we collect as well

we try and avoid the very creepy looking ones- but that is subjective

once we ended up buying something which was bad for fertility !! promptly hid that one :-))