July 07, 2008

Pottering about

Yesterday, we began our little garden ( note the adjective)

Anush volunteered to pour water and promptly went up to the kitchen and fetched mineral water in her little glass saying "water for plants to drink, amma"

I explained that they did not need mineral water just normal tap water would do ! ( in India tap water is not always potable) Then she used the mug and very " gently" watered the plants.

Ode gallery was the discovery of this weekend- tucked inside Neelankarai off ECR ( behind Mars software I think) rather expensive and VERY poor on service in the food section, especially with a hungry hubby and impatient kiddo in tow. It is lovely in terms of the collection of paintings, curios, home decor etc from South India, Indonesia and maybe Sri Lanka. A must visit if you wish to splurge on your home. I picked up a buddha face and Salem/ Thanjavur stretched leather picture frames. If interested, pics later in corners of my home.


How do we know said...

i like the masks corner, and that "driunking water for the plants" thingie was sooo cute!

Minka said...

Watering in my home means splashing water and trying skating. BTW, have you been to Ahana - he book store near Ashram school ? They have a glass covered stream running through the shop with lil fish in it !!!! And the shop has so many river references and themes to it ! nice

Mama - Mia said...

she is the cutest!! :)

and the corner looks verry nice!



Choxbox said...

very cute!

we have also just started a very little garden (note the adjectives).

Artnavy said...

thanks all and it has been raining each evening since we got the plants so not much need for watering yet!!

minka- ahaana was a lovely place earlier- it is not so well maintained anymore( iw netthere 3 months back last ) - I loved the water channel thingie but saw some dead fish in it - so stopped going there except when in a rush to pick up a gift and if i have missed landmark/ odyssey