July 14, 2008

New pastures

1 minute mehendi - worse than 2 minute noodles
Migrant workers I find a lot at the building site- in particular from Orissa and Andhra and at restaurants and parlours ( Nepal/ Darjeeling- passing off as Chinese)

Now on a recent visit to Panagal Park I saw lots of Mehendi ( henna) "appliers" from Delhi/ Rajasthan - at least 8 of them opposite the old Nallis- on the footpath. Women were flocking to them to get their hands adorned-though how they will manage to shop with that on beats me!
Also came across "toran" vendors for the doorways and pooja areas- with mirrors and rudraksh beads etc - willing to cheat the Tamil consumer and offer huge discounts to the Hindi speaking one : - ))
Chennai is truly becoming cosmopolitan!!
Wonder if I qualify as a migrant worker- but I belong no where- a Tamilian in Mumbai - a Mumbaikar in TN !!


Anonymous said...
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Choxbox said...

what abt me then? a desi in pardes? pardesi in des? :)

Artnavy said...

reminds me of a post i had written about one year ago. . .