July 11, 2008

Missing Humour

I am not sure if I have a sense of humour.

I do not relish mother in law jokes- I will be one some day and do not wish to seen as a caricature / a banshee. As if arguments are only with MILs- we disagree with our mothers too, don't we? And still love them....Also when you do not ( and often cannot) treat them as your mother, how can you expect to be treated as a daughter? These jokes doom the relationship even before it begins. Why not confront and sort issues , why resent and keep quiet? And where are FILs in all this?

Marriage jokes- find them sexist often and rather cynical too- why would the institution thrive, if it sucked so much as the "jokes" would have you believe

or Anti- Men/ Anti women jokes- very sad and sexist. Why box in millions of people?

I just wish there were as many nice things being said about these relationships as there are negatives being highlighted. It would even things out. Then I would not mind.

A big cheers to all the great Mothers-in- law ( mine and Navy's included), wonderful Daughters In Law( me leading the pack) , fantastic couples, gorgeous men and women ( all of us) - my heart goes out to you. You do a great job and keep it up.

In the meanwhile, let me go try and find my funny bone.


How do we know said...

Oh i love all these jokes! basically bcs i see them as just that - caricatures.

Minka said...

Probably humoring about it makes it more bearable . About the FIL thing, I think men generally are too busy reading the newspaper or watching TV to be involved in home politics. They are too busy with world and country politics.... or at least pretend to be .

There I go - more jokes and generalization ;-)

Artnavy said...

howdoweknow- i am not able to let it pass like that

Minka- LOL
essentially i think when we( MIL and DIL)are both adults we shld be able to work things out and not have to "bear/ suffer" each other. And if the twain cant meet at all then we could decide to have nothing beyond a very stiff polite relationship

Swati said...

How abt wifey jokes ?? I hate them.

Anonymous said...

so well said! And the fatigue - most of these jokes, or the same ideas behind a gazillion of them, are so stale!

Mama - Mia said...

artnavy ko gussa kyon aata hai??!! hehe!

while i dont get upset with these jokes, they just get boring afta a point! same old stuff types!



Anonymous said...

missing humour? where did you lose it? ok let me help. when did u see it last? maybe its lying somewhere between the sheets on the bed.

Alan said...

Know any good gora jokes? :)

WhatsInAName said...

:) For me it depends on how and who says the joke.

As long as its not rubbed in, I am ok with them :)

Krishnan said...

You can keep expanding the list to racial jokes/slurs - Sardarji jokes, Polish jokes and horrendous lawyer jokes, doctor & nurse escapades, etc.

Artnavy said...

hey all-
at least i am not completely alone

krishnana- oh - completely agree

Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Hey Art, this is something I've been saying for so long now!

And how are you placed this Friday at 5ish?

Artnavy said...

shld be free - any plans to meet?

Choxbox said...

i am lucky to have a great MIL too. (kaala teeka)