July 15, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na

Anush enjoyed Guindy Zoo/ park a lot this time as well. An impulse visit on Saturday lasted a good hour and a half !!

She has for the first time been missing her father who was off to Chintmani and Blore for a few days.

Her father, Navy has been missing luggage. He is truly " the absent minded professor" if there was one. Historically, he has forgotten his wallet at a mall once and his suitcase at the airport. This time he left behind his own bag in Chintamani and realised only on reaching Blore!!


Jaane Tu - The movie
I was sure I would enjoy this movie despite the average rating it had got from critics. It was more like I wanted to enjoy the movie- so I did.
This movie is better seen with your buddy/ flame from college ( to give it an edge) than the current love of your life- great if he happens to be the same individual.
I find Imraan a young and upgraded version of Joey in terms of looks. Like most women who have had a college romance, I could identify with it. Even the gang was akin to one of my many gangs.
I am waiting to see more of my favorite actress ever Smita Patil's son. I thought the older gen of actors were aptly casted.
And I could not get over the talking portrait scenes. They were a scream.
The girl who lived in the make believe world to get over her parent's differences- very poignant.


Last couple of days, Anush has fever and seems to be enjoying it!! While she sleeps a little, she keeps jabbering away most of the time about how she will eat kulfi and cold water once she is well ....She also chose mid night to update me on her plans!! But seriously, kids just do not seem to know the meaning of the word rest- be it for themselves or for others.


Mama - Mia said...

i also remember being unwell meant not going to school and that only used to make me feel lot better! :p

Jaane tu is indeed a sweet and enjoyable movie! and yeah great cameos by oldies!

hope to see prateek babbar doing good roles! he has the spark his mom had! :)



Minka said...

oh , he forgot his luggage. Much better than me here - I carried someone else's back home and recoiled in horror on finding menswear in "my" suitcase. Even then my only thought was for the tons of chocolate and cosmetics I had bought and tucked away in my suitcase.

Rohini said...

Oh thank you for mentioning the Joey resemblance. I have been killing myself to figure out which Hollywood celeb he looks like. You are so right!!!

Artnavy said...

mama mia- yes prateek babbar shld be a treat

Minka- was it Delhi and were u getting back from the US- that man may have been my maama

Ro- he is also a little like brandon frazer

Choxbox said...

despo'ly want to see this movie. the guy who meets the criterion - college flame (now hubby) refuses to watch it :( so have to find someone else to go with. you game?