July 16, 2008

Pots Post

Pots to me have always meant conventional ghamlas - the terracotta- mann thotti kind
I have seen some poorer families use Vanspati tins and some rich ones use Cognac bottles as planters.

Now we have a couple of new options:
- In Chennai at least you see these garish cement ones- supposedly more durable , definitely more colorful but am really unsure if they will let the soil breathe and so on
- The other is this a lovely glazed ceramic one- the paisley Jaipur style motif on it- surely not suited for direct planting given the amount one spends on it but interesting if one were to keep theplant indoors

And now introducing my idea- a discarded vegetable crate....the kind they transport tomatos in- if you paint it - would it not recreate a quanit European window sill flower planter kind of appeal? What do you think?

BTW Anush is one month short of being three and I actually forgot all about it till around an hour back. I am certainly making headway on the monthly b'day thingie- I told you.


Anonymous said...

Art, cool idea. Me loves. Here some people used the big wooden wine barrels, or must I say vats, as planters.
Some wineries even sell the full barrel and half barrel(cut in half height wise) to be used as planters.

Artnavy said...

wine barrels would look so earthy and nice

Alan said...

We have used the split wine barrels. They work well and have a nice weathered look. I cut a hole in the bottom of one and used it to cover an old tree stump.