July 21, 2008

Blog meet and some more

This Blogger meet I was the first to get to with Anush- who was enthusiastic to come -cold, cough and all.

Then Sue who infact got this meet going, joined in with her adorable package of fun and pranks . He gave a couple of clues as to why Sue has such a fantastic body. ( keeping her on her toes)

Resourceful Minka made it after a smart parking move :-)

While we started out at the last blog meet venue at the Isphani centre- Coffee day- the din- oops - the music & conversation levels left a rather cramped feeling and quickly made us switch allegiance to the near by place- I do not even recollect the name- a Pasta and Gelato place with a kids corner and very considerate staff as it turned out ( since we created quite a mess)

Tharini came in with both the kids this time and they were a delight as her blogs indicate. I was amazed at how unruffled and calm she seems always.

Nisha brought her daughter along. The little one was so cute and a silent observer but completely surprised me when she ate the spicy chips.

Anush and Akhil seemed to enjoy the pasta and so did I.

When bubbly IBH made her entry I was delighted since I had been feeling like a giant among all these petite bloggers in Chennai - here was someone who was an equal in height. I wish I could have spent more time with her daughter and got to know her better as well.

Sue observed my footwear and my" corporate" handshake- more on those later.

Sue's father spoiled us by footing the bill and indulged us with questions on blogging and summed it up by saying it was a modern version of pen pals.

This blog meet also left me feeling I had not had much adult conversation. The kids remained the focus as expected and as is right. Maybe next time we shld go to a place with a play area- Vanilla place or Pizza Hut so that we have more sane conversation. But I wonder if that will be as much fun!!

Other highlights
I played Tug of War at our Corporate Sports Day on Saturday and as expected we won!! Could not take Anush along since she had a severe cough.

We had our first guests last night at the new house and we found it is a good place to entertain visitors. But we could not use the large sit out since the swing had just been polished that day.

More supermarket in Pallikarnai needs better service desperately. They have only one operational billing counter!! We saw a couple of non Tamil guys posing with cauliflowers and taking snaps- possibly to send home - to show they have been shopping and cooking!! Cute.

I wish I had attended this- a whistling competition- as a spectator- must have been fun.

Anush's cough is finally on its way out- it really has been troubling her a lot.

I got the new local registration number for the car finally - after 6 months and a few thousands more since the tax has gone up to 8% from 6% since June 2008. Irrespective of when you applied for the new number, if your registration is post June you need to apply the new interest rate!! If the RTO is negligent and causes delay, it still remains your problem .


Choxbox said...

n3 shoulve been in that convention! will tell her abt it. she is perenially whistling her alankars and ragas.
of course i cannot whistle to save my life.

Artnavy said...

i cannot whistle either and navy is dreadful at it as well

hope anush is better:-)

Vijay TV had a kutcheri of a man whistlisng Carnatic songs!! awesome.

Mama - Mia said...

i cant whistle to save my life! :( that and blowing bubblegum!

the blogmeet sounds like total fun! hope anush is ok now! :)



Sue said...

Next time we meet without the kiddies. That's the only way we actually get to chat!