July 18, 2008

Anush says

. . .Amma if you water the plants they will feel so excited
she likes word dropping

. . .It is so dark- the sun and moon have gone to sleep- they are very tired- after cooking full day
must have picked that one up from my mom

. . .Amma i open cupboard and put on chocolate brown lip balm
That was my lipstick that she had smeared on!!

. . . Appa, why i am not there in photo in amma appa's college? ? why? WHY?
because baby then they would have expelled us!!


How do we know said...

She is cho chweet!!

Noodlehead said...

so cute! i love the last one :D

Choxbox said...

hubby's std reply to the last Q used to be: you were taking the pix!

Artnavy said...

hahah choxbox - i will remember that

Mama - Mia said...


she is damn cute!!

my pal tol her son he was zero when that snap was taken!

by then he understood concept of zero is that thing doesnt exist! :p