April 16, 2008

Keeping up with the Times

The Times of India has come to Chennai finally but I find the paper and photo quality really bad versus The Hindu. The style is of course more reader friendly but the content well . . . it will be fun to see what happens anyway. They chose to launch around Tamil New year and meanhwile Karunanidhi dismissed the whole concept of the mid-April Tamil New Year. Though I am not so sure if religious fervour at an individual level would have diminished due to a politico's stand on the matter.

We saw Krazzy 4 and despite all the negative publicity about plagiarism of the story/ music, I enjoyed it but for the completely unnecessary item numbers by Shah Rukh and Rakhi Sawant. Also, Juhi could have sued them for the bad make up in the last few scenes though.

We saw this movie at Sathyam after a long time and strangely had no trouble/ delay parking. Also had a chance to see the innovative and almost eclectic menu of the French eatery there. Did not have the time to mouth even a small morsel though.

Swingers and Shiamak both have summer dance camps in Chennai this year.

Anushka is 2yrs and eight months today. I am making an effort to not make a big deal on monthly bdays- but i cannot resist a mention.

Latest words/ phrases being used accurately - disappeared , enjoy yourself, You are angry?, Don't be sad, okay?, I will reduce the volume, this is boring, property, restaurant, next week, tomorrow (in English) and lots more in Tamil

Latest friends- 2 Imaginary characters- Gunnu and Kishore

Latest Idols- A Thaathu and H Akka from Blore, followed by K Athim

Latest tune on her lips - Lakdi ki kaati

She is completely potty trained and wears diapers while travelling more because we may not find clean loos. She misses school due to the vacation and she has complete conversations on the phone. She has begun enjoying milk and often demands more than a glass full. She had a very prolonged cough- cold ( over a month) and has finally has gotten rid of it.

As we were going out and my mom decided to stay back at home, Anush turned to her paati and said " Enjoy yourself! I will go out and come okay."


Asha said...

LOL at the latest friends!!

Itchingtowrite said...

her vocab sums up a lot about your routine-property times/ resturant .. when will movies come into her vocab???
imaginary charactrs- we were just discussing last night how single kids create imaginary friends, when i saw my kids chatting goodness knows what among themselvs.
i always likd the times & it was intresting to note how hindu was modernising itself over the past few months in preparation of times

Artnavy said...

yeah- i think it is fun at this stage - i too play along

movie / books/ draw/ paint/ colour/ puzzle/ mujik and dance entered her vocab a long time ago

I hated the Hindu when i came to Chennai but it grew on me and now I do not like the Times any more!!

Krishnan said...

Times is a welcome addition but I guess it is not going to be easy to take on The Hindu. The Hindu is a habit like morning coffee.

By the way, Velachery has another feather in its cap - new Titan showroom close on the heels of Tanishq.

Artnavy said...

Oh yes Krishnan on both counts

Apart rom Titan and Tanishq we have Subway & Mc Donalds at Ascendas and a Swingers summer dance at Marg school and a gym at Lakme

Swati said...

Wow ..pretty good english :) Love to her

Sunita said...

Oh "Lakdi ki kathi" is the current favourite at our place too. "Dauda Dauda" is the tag word for the song.
When I was into crosswords, I used to love the Hindu(online) crosswords. Its been ages since then.

Rohini said...

Yup, Lakdi ki Kathi is a big favourite in these parts too...

Is she potty trained in the night too? How did you manage that?

Choxbox said...

:) at monthly bdays. used to do that for n3 but not so much for n4 - not sure whether to feel happy or sad abt this!

Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Artnavy said...

sunita/ swati- :-))

it has been over 4 months now since she stopped using the diaper at night. Thought it was time becuase her diaper was pretty dry in the morning.

in fact we hardly did anything- no fuss at all- as with most of her "milestones"

for a week or so , i requested her to use the loo just before sleep and ensured she used the loo as soon as she woke up in the morning

no cutting back on liquids - nothing

am sure it will work for Ayan as well- first week use a "waterproof" sheet just in case he wets the bed

choxbox- u have moved on and that is good- i need to :-))

Noodlehead said...

saw the pics in the previous post. anushka has grown up so much...i guess i've been away too long! she looks adorable now - congratulations on the potty training. what age did you start and how did you go about it? i'm trying to put anusha on a pot but she only howls her lungs out :(

Artnavy said...

Anushka enjoyed her potty chair when she was about 1yr but we took a break and when we returned it was like a nightmare to get her to use it

So I began seriously trying only when she was about 18 months or so-I would keep asking her every now and then and there were a lot of false alarms

We tried the bathroom floor first ( since we do not have an Indian style loo)- be prepared fr a not so dry bathroom and lots of Disinfectant liquid- And then slowly graduated to the adult potty itself with a smaller (cartoon) seat fixture for her and a small stool for her feet

Just show her how u do it and she will take to it

also do not force her - u will somehow know when she is willing and ready

Slowly she proactively declared when she needed to go and not otherwise