April 17, 2008

Boxed in

Have begun packing. Am pleased that I have not accumulated too much garbage over the years but am at a loss as to what to do with my very huge audio cassette collection, which I have hardly been using since CDs and Worldspace entered home. Also I have a couple of old steel trunks ( pure nostalgia value) that I need to find use for. Maybe paint and use them as seating outdoors?

Did you know raddi-second hand cardboard cartons/ boxes for packing are available by unit price in Mumbai and by weight in Chennai. So a similar carton in Mumbai costs Rs 35 a piece and Rs 30 in Chennai. Either way, resale to the same raddiwala will fetch you half the price. Not bad , huh?

Anush's take on packing-
" I want to help/ write/ pack/ stick tape" or" Teach me how to sort Books/ cds /XXX" or" Let us count the boxes " and end with different numbers each time. Thank God she is not the assessor for the packers and movers!

When I am lifting something heavy:
"Very difficult for amma that box? " More than what Navy does . . .

When I mark the contents on sealing the box:
"Why are you writing on this ma? Write only on slate or on paper"


Blogeswari said...


You shifting? Don't throw your cassettes... After a few years, you can auction them and earn huge bucks!

Yep.. painting trunks is a damn good idea. You should get one of those truck /poosanikkai painters to do it for you

Just Like That said...

WHERE are you moving to? Good luck with the packing- its a PAIN and I have to go thru it sometime soooon... hopefully!!

Swati said...

Moving where ???

Girls are moms real helpers :) So sweet!

How do we know said...

Where r u going? And why?

Artnavy said...

We are moving within Chennai (towards Mahabalipuram:-)) ) to our second home!!

If my ILS joined us from Blore- Cmani the house would have become crowded with my parnets and paati also there

just enough privacy and space for all of us whilke being close enough for Anushka

And yes I love shiftign homes and doing them up ( check out my post http://abouttimenow.blogspot.com/2006/10/rolling-stone.html)

Minka said...

ah ! when are you moving ? I have to come see you before you go off from velachery !!! How about Anush's school - will she continue in the current one ?

Artnavy said...

yes minka we must meet anyway

anush will continue in the same school

i am going to be down the same road much further down

Artnavy said...

blogeswari- that kind of painting is a cool idea- i was thinking on the lines of some manish arora shirt

Anonymous said...

why don't you convert all of the cassette collection to mp3 and store them in CDs. I did the same for all cassettes and most likely will throw away all movie ones and keep only carnatic/devotional ones for some more time.

Alan said...

I would hate to pack up and move. After nearly twenty years, a lot accumulated. We do try and wittle it down on occasion.