April 15, 2008

Masala Kulfi Pizzazz

Last weekend, Anush was too sleepy and we did not stay long enough for her to truly enjoy her first pizza party for hastobeme's son's bday . It did not stop her from being thrilled with the Mickey jigsaw, the take away gift. Once we were home she wanted to speak to "Anna" and wish him and sing for him!! To think I had my first pizza only at 10 let alone a pizza party .....
Last night, we went to this relatively new joint called Mystic Masala in the erstwhile Cascade, opp the Taj in Nungambakkam. Very good service, interesting food and presentation and will definitely go there again. You must try their chaat surprise( with sweet potato) and the chestnut and corn curry. Anush learnt to pronounce restaurant properly. The only sore point or should I say sweet point of discord was the the palak raita which is intended only to accompany the biryani. It was like a mango shrikhand with palak in it. We did not try the mysterious sounding chocolate samosa with ice cream - saving it for next time. Opted for the Kulfi instead.
While on Kulfi, Anush's uncle was showing some pictures for her to name and there was a stick ice cream visual. She said " Not ice cream, uncle, kulfeeeeeee" She had had her first kulfi when we visited the Vandalur zoo.


Sunita said...

Anush now has little ponies...how sweet.
Pizza party ..wow!! I went for one when I was in my 10th std :).

The letter from your dad was an interesting read.

Artnavy said...

sunita- two piggies is more like it:-)

she refuses to have a hair cut and I see no other way of keeping the hair out of the way- need to be thankful madam at least lets us tie her hair