April 18, 2008

Fun with Art

Did you notice the new 5Rs coin? I do not like them at all. You can no longer distinguish the coins in your jumble inside the purse, by feel or weight. They have done away with the paddy/ maize stalks as well.

From penny wise to pound foolish- here are some must do shops for home decor , yours or mine ( in case you decide to gift me something since my bday is drawing near)
I must warn you the websites do not really live up to the real stuff

For the kid's room : Peek a boo- very over priced but excellent concepts and wall paper and patchwork available for kids of all ages

Artquest: For pepping up your space with a twist in the tale or table

Hobby ideas: I first saw it in Inrobit mall a year ago. Anush and I did the Suncatcher clock this time. Oh what fun! You may object to the classification "Boy craft" though :-))


Inder said...

new 5 rupees coin!!!
that is a news to me...

Something to Say said...

I still havent read all your past posts - but you're packing? To move? where are you moving to? or are u packing for your parents?