March 14, 2008

Word Power- Anush speak

Anush sees her grandma taking insulin daily.

Yesterday she looked at her and said" You are taking oosi( injection) medicine?"

Then wisely nodded her head and said" You are a patient?"

None of the three adults in the house have used or explained that word- wonder where she picked it up and the meaning as well.....


This morning the power was cut.

Anush said," Amma - want fan" I said" No baby, current has gone"

And I was corrected by her " Power will come, it has got cut."


Today is "nombu"- a Tamil festival. There were some fruits placed before the idols at home.

The little fruit lover at home questioned me- " Amma , why you keep there? Anushka will eat."


Minka said...

Our attempts at fooling my son into believing the TV cannot be switched on because the power has gone have backfired. He immediately runs to the inverter to check if it's on , then goes back to the main switch board and points accusingly at the lights and says "Current not gone. Inverter kee-kee cholavay ille".

Also, all birds were kaka . But I was summarily corrected pointing to a pigeon " idha kaka illai, idha pigeon. ka-ka chollada". I hang my head in shame

Choxbox said...


Lavs said...

Anush is extremely brilliant!! Especially her explanation for power cut!!
PS: Is Anush’s chubby cheeks disappearing???