March 14, 2008

Choxbox's surprise

Pic courtesy web

Handa's surprise and her lost Hen turned out to be a delightful surprise for Anush and her amma ( your truly)

The book has replaced The Perfect Pony as Anush's favourite and the DVD has replaced the most syruppy Tellytubbies (much to Anush's parent's delight.)

Very thoughtful of you Namvor to catch Anush's school trustee on her fleeting trip to the UK and send this through her.

b ftdejegjuregbivehgkjkhgmb- read " Thank you N aunty" in Anush font


Anonymous said...

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Choxbox said...

'twas a pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Never seen these books in US, but again US is commercialized by Disney and Nick books. Our daughter is addicted only to Dora series, which we watch some DVDs taken from library and read books.

Artnavy said...

Thanks once again and hope you make it in time for the science fair...

when i log on to teh comp at home, all anush wants to do ( apart from listen to shoo fly for tehumpteenth time) is write to N aunty

amimu- you shld check this out - may be possible to get it thru amazon- but choxbox had difficulty procuring it from the UK store itself

Choxbox said...

:) to anush.
yup did make it finally, just did a post.