March 13, 2008

Viva Pondy II

Was in Pondicherry yesterday on work
The weather was fantastic - all cloudy and drizzling through out

Saw Villianur and finally made it to Anglo French textiles, a century-old fabric shop.
Apart from furnishing, shirts and bed sheets , they also make fabrics for defence & the Paramilitary !!

On to civilian stuff- not a very huge range of bed spreads but some of the self striped sheets were exquisite. They also had that kapda for cross stich and pretty hand kerchiefs.
You can choose between the factory outlet soon after the railway crossing and a shop on Mission road. ( closed for a few hours each afternoon)


Choxbox said...

'cloudy and drizzling' is good weather? you will LOVE london. when are you coming?

Artnavy said...

oh london was warm when i was there- august years ago

will come when i finda sponsor- too expensive

anush writes in to you-
jjmd sgrcusjbn`c

Inder said...

aft has got a wide variety of curtains and bed spreads...
you know what? aft was locked out for several years... i think in 80's and early 90s

~nm said...

What beautiful picture!! Awesome!

Artnavy said...

nm- tnx - clicked on my cell phone

inder- oh is that so? and you know with that kind of name they had these huge Hindu Gods and maalais at the counter:-))

Lavs said...

I admire the way you pump so much of shopping/info even during short trips.

That kerala resort photo looks awesome, but one small doubt..won’t the room be swamped with mosquitoes and insects coz its open next to water?

Artnavy said...

lavs- u flatter me

that is just the spare bed next to the pool- no mosquitos during teh day though

the actual room is not in pic
thi was during my trip n Dec

anush is thinning down but also growing tall and heavy