March 04, 2008

Filmfare awards 2007

Saw the 53rd Filmfare awards, hosted once again by Shah Rukh and Saif Khan. Witty and irreverent , bordering on rude, as they were, they kept mentioning it too often ( almost like an apology)

The Na-real awards were cute but got tiring after a point. Also Sajid Khan had hosted with great gusto some other award function recently, thereby making a few of the jokes unoriginal. The Bachans were missing as were Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukerjee and the Anil Kapoor clan. Karan Johar had a sore throat. Bipasha and John looked completely uninvolved

Rishi kapoor was fantastic in his acceptance speech for lifetime achievement , especially in his praise for wife Neetu Singh who is getting younger by the day
Tabu was refreshingly elegant and Vidya Balan looked like she needed help holding up in more senses than one. Vivek Oberoi looked like Tarzan with clothes and Akhsay Kumar behaved like pre -Jane- Tarzan.

Pity Deepika Padukone got both the female debut and the fresh face awards- one could have gone to Sonam Kapoor or all the Chak de girls. I wish Neil Mukesh had got some recognition- he is one guy to look out for apart from Kunal Kapoor.

And on a completely different track- Does anyone know where to find the "floating parachute lamps" that you see in the Phillips lighting ad with the father and the little girl?


peppy said...

i thought that neil mukesh dances as good as hrithik if not better.
and i dont understand why they had to promote himesh reshammiya or his songs!!!!!!!!!

Artnavy said...

completely agree on both counts

Sree said...

hehe.. we do have some same observations and yes you were decent and i was out and out catty ;).

Artnavy said...

welcome here sree

Alan said...

Don't know much about Rishi Kapoor's personal life, but he's always seemed likable fellow in the few movies I've seen. Tabu always seems to have a classy look about her.

How do we know said...

completely agree with u. I did not agree with a lot of awards either. Kareena in Jab we met? Puhleez!!

rajk said...

My first time here..Completely agre with ur comments about Neil Mukesh and Kunal Kapoor! I didn't see the awards function here in the US, but didn't he get even a mention? Amazing!