February 11, 2008

Moms & Us

Edited to add

A few of the mummas and to be mummas of the blogging world in Chennai decided to meet last Saturday. All thanks to Kodi's mom who was visiting Chennai.

Itchy hosted the do and did not mind the mess left behind at her place by the little kiddos. This was despite the fact that only a few finally turned up- Kodi's mom and Kodi, Hastobeme and her son, itchy and the twins and Anush and yours truly.

The kids had a good time and Anush was talking about her new friends to her father much after the event.

Hopefully there will be better attendance next time ensuring an even more gala time. I shall post some pics post editing since some of the moms and kids would prefer anonymity.

Other than that spent the weekend- kitchen furniture hunting, another round of polio vaccine, typhoid vaccine etc. More on the visit to the doc next time.

Also had a great evening at the beach on Sunday with Anush who seems to love omlette frankies!!


Lavs said...

And just now I had dropped an email to both you and Itchy to write about this event. Glad to know that kids and moms had fun though the number was less than expected. Will wait for the photos.....

Choxbox said...

wow. sounds like you had fun!

btw the pic is utterly cute. bet anush has a huge no. of pavadais now.

Artnavy said...

lavs- will post pics shortly

thanks choxbox- i draped teh dupatta that way sinc et the top was way too big for her and too gaudy as well

my post on pavadais is due
btw when r u planning ur move to india?

Minka said...

Wow !! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Itchingtowrite said...

nice pics. am waiting for mine to come. hubby has to send them to me

Timepass said...

Nice pics..

Anonymous said...