February 20, 2008

Meet the alphabet

We are getting good at these blink and you miss blogger meets at Chennai. Vivacious Sue was here from Kolkotta and Itchy, Sue and I ( with Anush in tow) met up at a coffee shop last evening. Anush missed Ojas Tejas but had a ball drinking her "frapper/ frappaid/ frappee" and eyed Sue's chocolate cake as well. I am proud to proclaim I have met up with at least 6 bloggers in the last one year.

I also realised i have not been on a series of mails post the Tharini Bday ones. :-((
But also that I did not miss much:-))

Tagged again by my only regular reader and commentator- choxbox
The A to Z one:
A -Available? Taken hearta nd soul -loooong ago
B-Best friend- Hubby
C-Cake or Pie? Cake pref without cream
D-Drink of choice: Light filter coffee, ginger tea and sugarcane juice
E-Essential thing used everyday: lens
F-Favourite colour: Black
G-Gummi bears or worms: Neither
H-Hometown: Bombay.
I-Indulgence: Waffles with maple and movenpic ice cream
J-January or February: Jan- new beginnings
K-Kids and names: anushka
L-Life is worth living
M-Marriage date: mid year
N-Number of siblings: none
O-Oranges or apples: both are good
P-Phobias: lizards and frogs
Q-Quote: Making the decision to have a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body
R-Reason to smile: No need of a reason
S-Season: Rains in Mumbai
T-Tag three people: Itchy, Lavs, Fuzzy
U-Unknown fact about me:
V-Vegetable you do not like: Brinjal
W-Worst habit: None :-))
X-x-rays you have had: at annual health check ups
Y-Your favorite food: Food is a favourite. Needs to be veg without garlic and too much spice
Z-Zodiac: All bull ****


Inder said...

bloggers meet?! that is cool!

Timepass said...

Wow, u met up with six bloggers in a year, thats good. I love brinjals ( and u don't like them?)

Lavs said...

Thanks for the tag. Unfortunately, I have already completed it. So does that qualify me for another tag from you?:-0
Itchy & you have amazing energy for such meets. I am now forcing hubby to buy that car soon so that I can hop in and meet all you guys.

Choxbox said...

6 bloggers? whoa! i havent met even one (unless you count the ones i knew before i started to blog).

:) at R. neat list!

Daisy said...

@ Art navy,
Since you said " one and only regular reader", I figures this is a good time to delurk :)hola to you and darling lil Anush:)
Have been reading your blog on and off for some time now .. hehe

Artnavy said...

daisy- tnx

inder/avs- join in next time- lavs i can try to pick u up next time

choxbox- of course u can count them as well :-))

Anonymous said...

I lurk and delurk around here.. We are going to be in the Velachery area for a week or so in July. I am hoping you can enlighten me with places to shop (home decor, ladies n mens wear) and eat (from deep down comfort Indian food to Italian) in the area.

V's parents moved to Velachery a year or so back and we are making our annual trip to India pretty soon.

Sue said...

It was really cool meeting you. You weren't a bit like I'd expected, but you know, I can't quite remember what I was expecting, any more!

Was just telling Itchy, next time, we'll plan it for the kids.

Artnavy said...

look forwrad to it pooh

sue- yes we will meet again

timepass- if i was not aware i would eat them- it is mor eof psychological thing- i do not like the texture