February 19, 2008

Cats and all

Anush turned 2 yrs and 6 months this Saturday. Here are two and a half bits about her-
Usually when she dresses herself smartly I exclaim" Wow Cool cat"
And when she imitates her father ( which is quite a bit) i say" Copy cat"
She came up to me after dressing herself and kept shouting"Amma! Anushka Copy Cat "

Since we do not appreciate sugar without spice, she managed to climb her little plastic drum and break it. So I got her this ethnic wooden one from Allepy. She calls it the surprise drum since I go it from Allepy and I had promised to get her a surprise from there.

She sings the following non kiddy songs- parts of Jana gana mana and Vande mataram apart from the first stanza of Scarbarrough Fair and Doli taaro

She is able to roll rotis!!! Even though misshapen- she has daily practice - churning out at least one a day with my mom

She loves to " choose" her father's clothes/ accessories each morning and still does not know that he steers her to his choice

She often tells me not to go to office but does not miss me at all once I am gone

She wants to visit the beach and zoo and property each weekend and now also itchy Aunty's house since last weekend

On the new house front, we were exploring a small area with pergo flooring and discovered that it had a wonderful website. When the sales rep visited with samples, Anush pointed to one of them and said sincerely " Amma I like this one- shall we buy this?" How could I refuse? ( given that her choice had been the same as mine)

On the weekend, we saw a movie - Sadhu Marandal. The reviews were exceptionally good but the movie was a bit of a let down - predictable after a while and the songs were completely unnecessary. Rather gory as well in parts. But the hero Prasanna has evolved and looks & performs much better than before and dances well too. And some of the house sets were mind blowing in the use of color and curios.

On Monday I went to Alleppy on work and took a small trip to the Ambalapuzha Temple, about 10 kms away. It is a typical Kerala style temple, lots of lamps on the walls, beautiful roofs, large courtyard, big tank, even a hall for performances - folk drama and Kathakali included. Built in 800 A.D, the main idol is made of granite stone. It is also said that the Guruvayoor idol resided here before it moved to Guravayoor. Dedicated to Krishna this place is equally known for its prasadam- paayasam.

The payaasam ( kheer) is also sold in the shops on the street leading to the temple but it is supposedly diluted with milk and then sold. Even this "diluted' paayasam is a mild red/ pink colour and is truly yummy. Next time I will have to be there on time to have a taste of the real thing inside the temple premises.


Choxbox said...

happy half birthday!

Choxbox said...

btw you've been tagged again!

Anonymous said...
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Artnavy said...

tnx choxbox

Just Like That said...

Amabalapuzha paalpayasam is said to be irresistible to even Lord Krishna. So how can poor you resist its lure? ;-) Its truly yummy, esp had hot.
were you able to take Anush also along? the temple tank has loads of fishes which swarm around you rfeet when you go for a dip....Sonny boy was half uneasy, half fascinated...

Artnavy said...

just like that

No i had been there on work- so no anush

but i dippe dmy feet and ye steh fish tickle a lot

Artnavy said...

just like that

No i had been there on work- so no anush

but i dippe dmy feet and yes the fish tickle a lot