September 25, 2007


I like Imran , Irfan ...Why?
All pathans who begin with 'I' maybe? Last night I found Imran so articulate and graceful in defeat in the twenty20 analysis. Among other things, he mentioned that temperament, talent and technique get displayed in diff measure in tests versus this kind of series where only talent is on show. Debatable but good food for thought!

Eklavya India's official entry for Oscars- Why??
I am not sure that was even among the best movies of the year though it had a good bit of India thrown in!! Why not some good Bengali or other regional language film...

I love reading Film fare/ Stardust on train journeys- Why??
It is utter crap and inadvertently funny and soooo verbose that it helps kill time.

Prashant won Indian Idol - Why??
Beacause no Amit ever wins it ( recall Amit Sana- he was miles ahead of Abhijeet). Anyway I think Prashant is way more versatile as a singer than this rather handsome Amit. BTW, Indian Idol results made front page news in The Hindu!!

No one commented on my post yesterday- Why??
You answer that one.


Lavs said...

What a way to demand comments! I think I have to adopt your policy to increase comment counts at my blog.

Eklavya is not particularly oscar material. We do not win oscars because our selection of movies is horrible. When will film committee wake up?

Even I was surprised to see Indian Idol contest winner news at the front page. I do not recall them doing the same for the previous editions. Political strategy to highlight north east victory???I am disappointment with The Hindu

Just Like That said...

LOL at 'you answer that one'! hahahaha! smart! and this sucker's fallen for it. go see.
Filmfare/Stardust I like too- to read in beauty parlours. Wouldn't want to pay money for that.

I'm ashamed to say I haven't watched even one episode of Indian Idol. I should have, I feel, at least to know what the hype and craze is all about. Am surprised at II making it to the FRONT page of Hindu. Hindu had more sense and class, I thought? Hope it was a teeny weeny snippet, anyways.

Timepass said...

LOL on the Filmfare thing...

Altoid said...


Agree with Lavs, I need to adopt your comment-demanding ishtyle.

About Indian Idol, Prashant had a pronunciation problem.....he's improved a lot since he started. But still Amit definitely was very promising, a fresh voice and he was equally(if not more) versatile.

Eklavya. Hm. There were a lot more, lot better Hindi movies(if one had to pick Hindi) or of course regional ones. Dont see the sense behind including Eklavya. Oh well, I never agree with most of those nominations anyway!

utbtkids said...

Hope Anush is feling better.I have no clue about Ekavya or Indian idol. I thought I would lurke and get off, since your are demanding comments ( :) :) ), there your go.....

Rohini said...

I do the Filmfare thing at the salon... many a film star has kept me company while hair was yanked out of my limbs... :)

Artnavy said...

lavs/altoid- as u can see it is not wokring too well

rohini- good to see u here- yank would be the right word

utbt/ JLT - got you and u did nto miss much ( ekalavya and I.Idol)

tp- stardust is crappier

Choxbox said...

LOL at hair being 'yanked'!

why no comment - very very bijji with checking out stuff like the list you have forwarded!

Alan said...

I may not comment too often, but I am always lurking about.

Artnavy said...

choxbox- hope u made good progress

alan0- good to know u visit - u must watch sawariya and om shnai om shortly