September 24, 2007

Harried Dwar

I was at Haridwar on work and found just enough time to venture up to Rishikesh cross the Lakshman Jhoola and collect some beautiful stones. More on that at the travel blog in a while.

My journeys were really remarkable-
The flight from Chennai to Delhi was delayed numerous times and I was sure I would miss the train. The train was delayed as well ! Providence.

The special train from Nizzamudin to Haridwar-I was in a "coupe" and it was so old worldly beautiful but had a quaint musty odor about it.

The road journey from Haridwar to Rishikesh saw me chance upon a Madras tours and temple

My co passenger on the Shatabdi was an interesting young government official from the home ministry- I think this is the first really articulate person in my age group that I have met who works for the government

On the flight back from Delhi to Chennai I had a paediatric liver transplant expert next to me. What an accomplished and interesting lady- She had lectured in Romania and was on her way to Chennai for another one. She shared a video of a beautiful 4 year old dancing post a few days after the transplant!! How inspiring ......

Anush has been down with fever the last couple of days. She has never ever asked me not to go to office but today she cried a little and asked me to really broke my heart.


Just Like That said...

LOL - and on a serious note- hope dear Anush gets better SOOOON! yeah, its heartbreaking to have to say bye and go away when the tears flow and flow and flow...

Timepass said...

Get Well Soon Anush..

utbtkids said...

Intereting-young-articulate.... aren't there plenty. 'who works for the govt' now that is the keyword,not many huh?! But things are changing. Quite a few of my friends wrote IAS/IPS exams after they finished their engg degree.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mam..
I've been reading your blog for quite sometime. I must say I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Sometimes it touches my heart, the way you write about Anush. And kids, not matter how much work we've or how busy we are, just capture our attention and our love always and they are always worth our time, love and attention :).
Get well soon Anush.

Artnavy said...

anush's fever has gone but her cough has turned ugly.... though she continues with her antics

thnaks anon- would be nice to know who u r and no do not call me Mam- i am very young u know