August 21, 2007

A matter of spine

Why is it that so many Indian women I know, between 25-30 yrs suffer from a bad back?
Even those with a good posture & of average weight ?

Maybe the sample is not representative enough?

Even so, I am glad I am not ( yet) afflicted. Just had it for a while post delivery but I was not average weight then anyway:-))

I think vegetarians need to supplement calcium POSITIVELY if your child is a girl.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

My yoga teacher tells me its stress. Personally I believe its because we literally and figuratively 'carry the world' on our backs. Blah...a hot water bath and some yoga helps. Not to mention massages. Hmmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

i know several guys also who have serious back issues. suspect its to do with our lifestyles. i mean if you look at a couple of generations ago - they had far more kids that we did, did far more physical work and yet didnt have back problems. and of course stress is the price we pay for wanting everything.


Cee Kay said...

I would have said bad posture but you already covered that. I would still say rapid weight gain along with a sedentary life style. It happened to me - I gained 22 pounds after my marriage within a year (result of MIL's "love") and started suffering from bad back and knees (and wheezing). Reduced my weight by exercising (all 22 pounds of it!), had a baby, gained some but stayed physically very active (gymming, swimming, walking and occasional volleyball with friends). As a result, now when I am a whopping 181 pounds(!!) I still don't have any back or knee pain. I know it will return if I don't get physically active but all through my second pregnancy, I didn't suffer from back pain a single day.

Artnavy said...

u r really inspiring gettingtherenow

namvor- i so agreed but look at what gettign there has to say!

ideasmith- welcome here

Choxbox said...

yup agree with GTN and also agree that exercise certainly helps.