August 21, 2007

Tumble Tots - Skills for life

A tall & unnecessary claim for toddlers if you ask me. But it was the representative with his very matter of fact approach and the idea of a physical activity ( NOT intellectual and spiritual growth!?) of Gymbabes that lured me to Tumble tots.

Sounded like an interesting and genuine outfit. And the real trial experience was indeed very pleasant- air con environ, clean kids and coaches, very friendly, games interspaced with song and dance, requisite presence of a parent or a close relative- all ensure that most things go on right. Since it is only once a weekend it is likely that even working parents can make it. And they do not subject you or the kid to any interviews.

Based on a UK model founded by a gymnast, they offer programs for 6months to 7 year old kids. The once a weekend, hour long class, per annum comes at a tidy price of 11,500Rs. That makes it pretty expensive.

And I am not sure it is too different from what a regular play school would offer (assuming it follows the Montessori system)So I have not made my mind up yet. If you want to know more go here.

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