August 21, 2007


In case you are wondering, why I am posting so much today, I have a self set target of getting to 250 posts. i.e. 20 to go in a week's time.

Anyway the Kodai experience is up for takes.


~nm said...

Hmm..that means more than 100 posts in 7 days. Which means on an average of 15 posts in a day! Thats a HUGE number! Wish you all the best!!

But why this sudden target? Out wiht it!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Not going to be easy!

Here is an idea. Post every hour and just mention what you did in the last hour! :)

Artnavy said...

oh god

i think i need to corretc the post- i have done 230 posts so far so need to do only 20 this week to get to 250....

The Visitor said...

Anyway what's the hurry about?
Is there such a need?
As long as and if - you enjoy doing it - do it. :)

Artnavy said...

hey visitor- want it to coincide with the blog birthday

The Visitor said...

Happy Anniversary Arty!
I saw that Itchy had completed her anniversary about 2 weeks ago. I started mine I think in June or July. I remember that we started out almost at the same time. Then there was Jay also who started about the same time.
Feels like being batch mates. LOL