July 07, 2007

Headerr tales

Look up the fairly new header

Tell me what it says to you- good, bad and ugly ....

If you can comment on the elements in it do so by all means!!


Altoid said...

:) Been looking at it since you changed it...so here's my take.

There's a baby, a smiley face, mother and child, a couple in a car, an elephant, a man/woman figurine- I am guess its all the things you write about-like humour, travel, Anush and Navy. Now the fingerprint I assume you are trying to imply- chhaapa of some sort-to establish its your blog. There is a green imp and the other two images...I felt few tamarind pods :D. Not sure what its for. To represent the sour and spice of life?

I tried to see if there is some art and navy association to go with the name, but I couldnt see any.

So please to enlighten this soul thats been trying to read into the header for a while :).

namvor said...

same as altoid, i too didnt get the green imp bit and the tamarind bit so pls to enlighten.

Alan said...

The left side is obviously the good things in life.

The fingerprint and lines (jail bars) could refer to the bad. The lines could also be a UPC (universal pricing code) sticker.

I at least recognized the tamarind pods. It may appear ugly to some, but they do add a tasty zing when prepared in dishes.

Orchid said...

without reading too much into..i say it is funky, different , colorful, visually bold ...a keeper!

artnavy said...

I am hoping for a few more responses bef i reveal all- LOL

thanks orchid

Rebus said...

Hmmmph, For the first look, the two brown ones; sorry it looked like a set of bile ducts; lol; funny it almost sounded like those Rorschach inkblot test, where everyone gets a different impression based on their state of mind. Hmmmmph (Don't ask mine).

The right constitue logos representing family and likewise the thumb sign for impresssionsssss

the mad momma said...

it's cute.. but the readability is little low... maybe a diff colour for the font?

Sunita said...

Babies, mom & baby, travel, fun, restrictions, tanginess in life that makes it interesting and finally you leave a mark. Does that explain all :)

Quite beautiful with meanings interwoven.

Just like that said...

puli is something that lends a distinct taste to food- so there's your own distinct style, that people may like or dislike, but those that do, will come back for more helpings, and lick their fingers at the travels and experiences of a mother with a baby, whose writings are cheerful and impish by turns, but are always fingerprinted with a unique style.....?

Kodi's Mom said...

it is kinda funky cool! so pls do keep it!
but if you're looking to change anything - I'd recommend erasing the tamarind :) - it doesn't blend in...and i don't get what its presence means..
otherwise, very different header - good different!

Anonymous said...


i think you should re-do the design a little bit. the content is fine and meaningful, but the entire thing looks a little ugly.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

nalla daan irukku

How do we know said...

The font is not very readable.

I personally like a little harmony in a graphic.

This graphic is different and very striking.

artnavy said...

i am confused now

will let is stay as is for a while i think


Kodi's Mom said...

I thought you were going to explain all the elements...?? i came here in search of an answer for the Mystery of the Tamarind Presence :)

artnavy said...

K's mom- u asked for it!!

The face on the left is me and it is my take on things ranging from
happy times- anush, rasing babies, travel with navy through life- with me driving, and the elephant is my battle with the bulge:-)

The bar code and the finger print are MY take and view of things

the imp with the spoon is dedicated to my foodie/ cooking related exploits

and yes, the tamarind is for the suprising and the not so pleasant but always intersting and possibly necc experiences in life...and it is soooo INDIAN at the end of it

now this is called analysis paralysis

artnavy said...

altoid,alan and justlike that- almost there

anon- how about doingit for me?? pleeease

Tharini said...

Reading your visualisation of it just tells me how much of thought u've put into it. Its very nice, like I said in my feedback earlier and I wud only try and make the font more stood out.

If you still want to change your header....then I'd like to give it a shot.

artnavy said...

thanks and some of it is retrofitting!!

that is very sweet of u
yes please

the deadline- my blog bday is end august

i think i will change the header every month hence forth

Tharini said...

no no no...you can't leave it at that....you have to tell me what you want. how u want itetc. And we'll wprk on it together. so email me. winkiesways @ gmail.

artnavy said...

will do tharini