July 09, 2007

Maid of Honour

Anushka is very fond of our top up maid who comes in every afternoon for a couple of hours.

However, the lady has always been rather critical of little kids, even her own were largely raised by her mother in law.

Hence her fondness for Anushka is surprising. Though she would not want to be a full time baby sitter- she more or less does it for an hour or so giving my mother much needed respite. She even cleans up her 'gandhaa' !!

Anush calls her Aththai and wants to do all the household chores with her. They talk in a mix of Tamil and English, forcing my maid to pick up English words which to her own delight she grasps rather well.

It reminds me of a maid we had in Vijayawada whom I was very fond of when I was little. Wonder where she is and what she is up to....


Rebus said...

The incandescent memories of growing up; the faint warmth will remain, looong after!

timepass said...

Childhood days are undoubtedly the best days in one's life. Am a new visitor to ur blog. Loved it. Ur travel blog is cool.

Something to Say said...

hey art - I have a saved post with the same name - I was writing about my maid here :)
gr8 minds...thinking alike I must say :)

Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

Header is nice, cool and easy on the eyes. Been visiting your blog for the past two months.

namvor said...

what a lovely dress anush is wearing! is it hand-made?

artnavy said...

thanks anon

namvor- if u mean on the side bar- it is smocked from the USA- from my SIL

if u mean in the maid of honour post- it is a gujarathi top from Abad

sts- hahah- u said it!!

rebus- yes

timepass- thanks