June 18, 2007

Sivajirao (Gaikwad)

Saw Sivaji. Was a little amused, slightly irritated and thoroughly entertained.

The songs by AR Rahman were grand, the sets by Thota Tharani superb
The best scene was - a take off on MGR- Sivaji and Kamal styles of love on the first night
The best dialogue- Panni dhaan gumbal aa varum...Singam single aa tham varum
The fight scenes- if you can have Krish, Spiderman and Matrix rolled in one then who else but Rajni to carry it off
The make up- AWESOME!! Th wigs, the touch up, the get ups- spell style

The spunky Shreya has mostly bra tops engineered for support, so this is the Tamil Panpaadu she supposedly represents. The implicit joke on the two dark sisters was in very bad taste.

Don't miss it! I might just watch it once more at a more earthly hour than the 7.30 morning show I went to on Saturday.


A Little Light said...

i watched it too..Every time he uttered 'cool' it was irritating..donno y!
Total timepass movie!

Daisy said...

Came to your blog via MM's...
You stole the words right outta my mouth. I was going to do a post on Shivaji today and would have written pretty much along the same lines as you.. maybe I will still do it :)..

Agree with with you totally- esp the dark sisters joke.. very poor taste.. cant imagine that Rajini and Shankar actually thought that it was funny.. so much for "thinking" film makers ..

Just like that said...

lucky you.
have no idea when I'll see him and its not much fun if you don't see him soon...
As of now, just gaze at the posters and wonder that one man can get almost all the nation so hooked
and yet, he's so unstarry when he comes on tv, so very ordinary.. hats off to Rajni

namvor said...

7:30 show?! hats off to you man!

artnavy said...

diasy- welcoem here

namvor/ just like that- i know people who havetaken off from work justto go see the movie

a little light- i hated that they tore up so many musical instruments in one of the fight scenes

Tharini said...

Thanks for the reviw. Been dying to hear abt it. We went to the ARR show 2 weeks back and they performed all the songs from Sivaji increasing the hype and excitement all the more...waiting to see it now.

artnavy said...

tell me how u like it

The Kid said...

I donno about bra engineering, but Shreya was looking really homely in her dhaavani and not at all slutty... like you portray her to be. Actually I did not even notice her bras.

Don't say bad things about thalaivar's choice. She is like "anni" to me. :D

The Kid said...

I just found out that "homely" means ugly... :(