June 15, 2007

"I am King"- Sivaji Rajni

There are Kings and there are King makers. I would prefer to be the latter but I am neither.

Rajni said- "I am King and he ( Big B) is an Emperor" Well said and modestly put. I love this guy. Sivaji is making waves across NDTV to Sun TV. And it should.

It is fantstic the transformation that Rajni has undergone in terms of looks. SO what if it meant hours of make up and even more of digital touching up.
It is an out and out Rajni movie with the heroine completely sidelined ( Shreya of Eva talc ad fame)
Director Sankar is usually grand and here he surpasses himself.
The music is enjoyable.

If you think I saw the preview last night well the answer is NO. Navy did.

Blame it on the Y chromosome or the lack of it, Navy did not deem it fit to take me along - " too crowded, rowdy bunch". I am sure that Rajni movies at least the first time his male fans see it, are always Boy Time.

Anyway I should get to see it by next week. So wait for the update - woman's perspective on the movie.

And what do you think about the nomination of Pratibha Patil for President? I think its nice the idea of a women's president but
who is she? Can't we find someone younger and more charismatic? Why is it that our Presidents have to be old and frail/ailing, well almost all the time?

And when it comes to Presidents my heart beats for Kalam.


Sunita said...

I am not so worried about who gets elected for the Prez post since it mostly seems just for the look-n-feel of the governing bodies to go down in history.
Did you happen to read Shobha De's article (sometime back in TOI) about how Dr. Kalam is every women's natural choice?

Poppins said...

Ayyo, Avar pathutara? How How? I tried getting tix but couldnt. You are so right about the males wanting to see it in a rowdy atmosphere !

But I am a huge fan too, would like to see it. I saw that interview too, and did you see AB's take on it. Some mutual admiration society or what?

A Little Light said...

I wanna see sivaji too..My bro has managed a FDFS at satyam...i m too jealous!!

noon said...

Super star Rajni!! I think he is a great entertainer! My nephew is an ardent Kamal fan and so it makes for typical and interesting Kamal vs Rajni comments between us!

artnavy said...

so there are a lot of Rajni fans out there... among women as well..hmmmm

i need to catch up on that sunita

theanalogkid said...

Can't we find someone younger and more charismatic?

vote for katrina kaif for president.. :)

me yet to see or get hold of tickets.. omg am i going crazy with these fwd mails on shivaji.. :) am scared pvr here is gonna be floored and ground to dust by the end of this week. :)

Chickoo said...

"En vali thanee vali", that dialogue still echoes in my mind. I am a huge fan of rajni and love imitiating hime. He looks quite young too in this movie right? He is more than 60 years old or so. I have also heard that he is a very good human being, my dad's friend who is in the Kannada film industry was in dire straits after his movie flopped badly, it was rajni who gave him monetary support and helped him get back on his toes again. Sorry for the long comment, after reading your blog wanted to share my thoughts too. BTW I love the way you write :)

artnavy said...

analog- was thinking someone like Azim premji but yeah why not Katrina - she maybe smart and pretty- Bush will be lost for words for once!

chikoo- welcome and thanks and do visit more often

That is wonderful if Rajni did that for your uncle. But I always believe it is easier for the rich to be helpful (they have mor to spare) but I agree one needs to salute his heart