June 19, 2007

Anush turns 22

Already. Time just flies.

She has a friend in the apartment whom she calls Roon ( Varun) and she is willing to share things with him though she is usually possessive.

It will soon be time to look for play school - Gymbabes ( of Tumble tots), Abacus's new branch (the younger kids school), Sunshine ( closer home at Velachery) or just the neighbourhood grandma who runs a creche-playschool...Well I might just decide not to any of that and give MYSELF more time to get used to the idea !

And my baby is potty training herself! Though she cries wolf ( or rather susuu) a couple of times at least to get to the water and splash about. So every loo break means a clothes change as well.

She seems to love books and keeps thrusting them on us. She identifies most of the pictures in her books on animals, veggies and vehicles and the rhyme books. Those she does not identify eg. fruits she says the generic name- Fruit.

She does her wooden jigsaws of fish, banana and turtle with great ease by herself and insists on showing off to anyone who visits us. Most guests are indulgent enough to applaud.

She wants to wear earrings and now I wonder if I should have taken the trouble to not let the ear piercings disappear....


~nm said...

Your daughter is quite a smarty!

It will be so painful to get her ear piercings done again! I had to get mine done at the age of umm...11 or 12. But hadn't it been for my mama (uncle - mum's bro) who was a doc, he used a surgeon's needle and thread to pierce me up at home! But its such a pain wearing clothes that were not front open as any slight touch there I went "OUCH!"

the mad momma said...

aww..never mind. you can get them done again..

itchingtowrite said...

and so she is aspiring to drive- turn 22 naa!
u r lucky- susu thing- i guess we needn't sweat it out- the kids will take care of themselves
good luck on the school thing- keep me updated. but actually even i dont hav the heart to send them off- dont want to wake them early morning- hope something starts at 11 am . the kids may hav fun though- with other kids.
jigsaw- like mom like daughter.. i only wish mine would indulge me by doing the jigsaws & the building blocks.
and pl s get the ear piercings done- jewelry is fun...

and where is your attendance on my blog...

Minka said...

hi ,

22 and gunning for the accelerator already !!! BTW , my son who's completed 2 ( I think when you hit 24, you will stop themonth counting - I will watch out !) is going to Sunshine starting June 11. Not settled in yet - crying buckets . I sure do hope I haven't put him in too early. Seems like a nice enough place. And I like that they have a fair cross-section of kids - lots of tamil, malayali , lots of north Indian kids .

Love to hear your shortlist of playschools when you get around to it.

Just like that said...

Doesn't half of you wish you could keep her the way she is now?

Having a boy has saved me the earring trauma... my ear piercings are totally uneven- one is up and one is down, and I can never wear any danglies!
My Mom tells me I was a terror, my son would have been no better(worse?), am glad he's a boy in this one thing, at least.

namvor said...

artnavy, have you heard of Navadisha Montessori in Velachery? my daughter goes to a Montessori here in London that is run by AMI, in fact the head of her school sits on the international Montessori board in Amsterdam. Navadisha Montessori is certified by AMI and so I suspect it would be very 'hardcore' Montessori. have you heard of it?

btw velachery brings back fond memories of bunking classes and going for chai as one of the IIT gates is in Velachery!

artnavy said...

nm/ minka- welcome here

sunshine i belive has too many kids to each caretaker- grown too fast as per anotehr neighbour whose son is there

madmmomma- when she is older for sure

just likethta- u r so right- difficult to let go na?

namvor- yes a neighbour's kid goes there- worth checkign out an dnow after u say so even more

velachery is nothing like what it was even 3-4 yrs ago!!

itchy- will visit- was travelling- posted from an airport

namvor said...

well i graduated abt a decade ago (gosh am i that ancient?!) and yeah things must have changed in sleepy tarams and vales.

Tharini said...

Happy 22 Anush!! She's so cte and sassy in that pic. 2 more months!! What are u planning for her?

artnavy said...

not yet begun planning

absorbed by the impending visits!!!

Something to Say said...

isint this an awesomely wonderful stage art??? they seem to be sooo interested in everything...