June 20, 2007

It is raining

Yes in Chennai!! I am not referring to the off season rains the last couple of days.

It will be showering relatives at my place- shortly.

My much awaited maama and Bengali maami with 2 adorable ( when I last saw them) kids will be here by month end. They are visiting after eight long years.

My grand uncle- aunt from Mumbai are joining them here.

My gorgeous sis in law and hubby from Boston MIT, no less, will also be here then with the cutest kids who will be great company for Anush.

My cousin who is doing a project in India at Jaipur will also join by early July.

Anush has learnt to say all their names with the mandatory athai or maama or akka attached to it.

I am still trying to look for an extra empty flat in my building for the luggage not the people.
USA NRIs have 3 suitcases when they travel light and average up to 5 suitcases the size of my study.

I think we can manage the cooking ourselves with some help from the local home based caterers.

Hopefully I do not end up having to go on tour and leaving my mother to fend for all. Counting on my father to manage the show & bring in some order since he will be coming over as well from Mumbai for a break.


Cloudy Musings said...

wow!! quite cool!!
I got lots of stuff for Anush today...
n yeah, only "their" names, what abt mine :| ...

P.S. Don't ask if i'm bck, cuz i'm nt maintaining my blog well... lol

artnavy said...

hey thanks and r u coming over ??

anush knows her version of your name and says a chithi as well

Minka said...

sounds like a whole lot of fun !!!! And hope the weather keeps up being this good - everyone will not complain about "chennai is too hot ". But of course, the laundry will never get dried . Nonetheless, I think Anush is going to have a blast

Just like that said...

Lol! looks like its gonna be Full House or rather Overflowing House.
Looking forward to all the blogs on all the crowding of luggage and people! :-D Know you will definitely have fun cramming them all in.

The only dampener I can think of is damp clothes- Now that, Art, IS a problem!!!

Nee said...

Whoa - you guys are probably going to be zapped by the time they all leave. But a small price to pay for how much fun you'll have with them around, I'm sure!


Sunita said...

Wow!!! With so many kids and adults you are going to be Hands Full next month.

artnavy said...

it shld be one hell of a ride

that too we will celebrate THREE wedding anniversaries at that time
my folks', my maama's and ours

an hour of sun each day will help dry the clothes

Cloudy Musings said...

I'm nt cumin ovr to add up to the crowd!! lol...
Tell me about the fun u hv though...:-)

Tharini said...

Wow Art! ounds like quite a crowd and a lot of fun. Cool! Btw..hoping to cacth up with u next year...June-July sometime...will be in Chennai then!

artnavy said...

that sounds good tharini- will look forward to your trip