June 21, 2007

A Shady Affair

My first one was at sixteen- made sweeter for that reason.
Over time many came and went.

Sunglasses...goggles...glares... shades...call them what you like but I love them.
As a tween I could not wear them since I wore specs.
But then once I moved over to lenses I got my first pair of Ray Bans for my 16 th Birthday.
A lovely small round Arista.

Now I own three pairs and my current favourite in on Anush on the side.


itchingtowrite said...

hey the specs thing is so true- all my imajinations of wearing goggles/ dark glasses (coolers/ cooling glass in south) went for atoss becox of this damn specs & the power is too low for bothering with lenses. therefor the polo lauren thing is languishing in the glove compartment (not mine but hubby;s car). may be photochromatic glasses with nice frames will do the trick

Poppins said...

Oooh La La.

artnavy said...

itchy- just give them to me na??
poppin- mama mia

Minka said...

yikes , I own one Ray Ban that I bought in 1999 before I went to Goa on my homeymoon . And it's the worst shape ever - what was I thinking ?

My dad offered his sixties-style thick black frame glares . And I decided that was it - and bought my own . And now , I believe Sania Mirza has stolen them.