May 10, 2007

Simply Singapore

Am back from a very hectic official trip to Singapore. It was not as bad as I expected on the personal front. Anush and me managed well without each other. My baby is growing up and so is her momma.

I was put up on the ninth floor of The Regent. I do feel that Indian hotels are a lot plusher for the same money. Maybe the luxury of space or Athihti Devo Bhava?

Had the most wonderful seedless guavas and hugest grapes.
Avoided the tastes like heaven, smells like hell- Durian.
Tried a lot of Thai desserts and Ice kachang at the Hyatt's "Street Food" restaurant.
Had a Mc Flurry ( not available in Indian Mc outlets) and relived our tour of Europe.
Had vegetarian Mediterranean fare at Holland Village-Original Sin or First Sin...owned by a guy conveniently called Michael Angelo- Fantastico!!

This reads like I went to Singapore to eat .....

This was the first time I did not buy clothes for Anush. Just got loads of showergel and diapers from Carrefour.

Another high point, I got to have lazy long baths( in a tub) and leisurely loobreaks.


itchingtowrite said...

adventurous eating. how did the meetings go!! flak or fame?? u cud write a book on that !!!

itchingtowrite said...

thats a devilish expression anush is having on the slide!

artnavy said...

fame!! things seem to be looking up

haha anush was delighted on teh slide- could not get enough of it

Hip Grandma said...

I am sure Anush must've waited for your return.Poor child.Will get used to it with time and so will you.

apu said...

holland village....yumm...that is one lovely place !

Orchid said...

Alright Art, looks like you have come back recharged!