May 06, 2007

A short break

Thanks for all the wishes. Now I need your wishes for my three nights away from Anush.

Will be back by next weekend. Miss me!!

While I am away, make sure you visit here for some very interesting legends on another short break that I had a while back. And do leave your comments....


Coffee said...

I believe you are on your way to Singapore. :)

I am not leaving down my number for obvious reasons, but if you need anything then email me at blogcoffee[at]gmail[dot]com

Have a nice trip!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Have a safe trip Art and come back with all details and pics:)Next post I will probably be reading from India:)

Orchid said...

You must be on your way already..but yes, come back soon!

Rohini said...

Happy belated birthday and I am sure that you will find (as I did) the trip away to be far easier on Anush than you think it will - I cannot vouch for how you will feel though - the guilt is part of the package I guess

Hip Grandma said...

Tell us about anush's reaction when she saw you after 3 days.Don't feel guilty.she'll be fine.

artnavy said...

anush was ok and so was I
did not feel too guilty either

anush looked around for me when she woke up- slept and at 6.30pm my ususal time of getting back home
from work

rather clingy yesterday - but i welcomed it..!!

when i got back she greeeted me with with a hig and flying kiss and a "Ailoweuuuuuu"