May 30, 2007

Doctor Art

What does this look like to you ?


SM said...

ummm..sand dunes??

namvor said...

1. sand dunes
2. chipped off piece of sedimentary rock (like sandstone)
3. painting made by dragging a comblike thing from two diffrent colored blobs of thick paint with a black blob at the bottom
4.cant think of anything else, what is it?!

theanalogkid said...

desert? dessert?? no no desert vonly.
right no?

The Kid said...

some rock formation with sunlight from one direction.

Sunita said...

rocks..the kind in grand canyon?

itchingtowrite said...

letting my imagination run- i am not looking at getting the right answer but variety of possibilities
1.close up of rock layers
2. duppatta flowing over someone's head
3. centre of a flower/ inflorosensce
4. a shot of something revolving fast
5. wood design
a pottery rotating & a duppatta flowing over it

Just like that said...

A factory shot of orange- chocolate cream in the making????

noon said...

Close up shot of two pieces of wood or two pieces of fabric!

artnavy said...

keep guessing

itchingtowrite said...

hey since the title is doctor... is it related to anything medical??.. maybe the ultrasound image-- colored/ thru some color filter...
some 3 different images blended together

itchingtowrite said...

or may be it's just a close up of the desert during the evening time

artnavy said...

it is only fair to tell u that i do not know hwta it is

to me it looked
- first of all nice
- it is like fabric/ desert/ wood/ rock ( in that order)
- it is like a face as well of a gnarled old person in profile
- it is like a man/ lizard clinging to the rock wall

i did not have time to write a post since i had one at the travel blog( which i see most of u have not read on VENICE)

Alan said...

Looks like a desert, but maybe not on this planet.

Beenzzz said...

Either sand dunes or blurry fabric.

artnavy said...

welcome back alan

benzzzz- ur guess is as good as mine

Rebus said...

Hmmmph; its fun running your imagination astray;
I guess close-up of any of the following
Poison musrooms
Some rock at grand canyon
Darkened aurora borealis

artnavy said...

interesting rebus