May 31, 2007


Today was housekeeping day in office. My boss unknowingly shares a cleanliness fetish with me

I am so glad the office is rid of garbage and a lot of unnecessary paper and other stuff. Wish it was as easy to get rid of unwanted homosapiens.

My angst stems from this- most of the new joinees seem to think it is below their dignity to chip in. They just stood around and instructed housekeeping. O worse acted like they did not hear when asked to help. I wonder how they keep their homes..if they would ever help their parents...and did they even come across concept of dignity of labour.

My boss on the other hand was charged and set an example that was largely left unfollowed. But the most mystifying thing is that these unenthusiastic excuses are most excited and animated about the treat in the evening to celebrate the cleaning spree and the wonderful performance this month. Talk about selective ownership!

Oh I sound preachy- i know but that is how i feel about it. And I am unable to muster the guts to tell them on the face. So you get to read it instead. Sorry!


itchingtowrite said...

ha ha.. and i know many of them might be reading it..

i remember i missed the last cleaning spree & treat and also when i came back from the maternity leave, my old files were missing!!!
yes but i agree, that place needs a clean up- i remember how i used to pester the eval to throw away the old samples and how many times we sent stuff for charity...
also clean up means clean up of soft files also!!!

and yes- u will find such trolls everywhere. i remember in the team meetings- thee were people who never contributed to the skit/ professional contest but used to eat the max during the treat from the proze money
mini post here

Alan said...

Hee Hee. People are the same all over the world. I'm the neat freak at our house. Work is a bit sloppier as we're usually in a crisis mode of some type.

Sunita said...

I guess the way you arrange your stuff at your desk, your space, pretty much reflects your personality & mental state.

artnavy said...

i am feeling much better now thank you!

Just like that said...

Wish it was as easy to get rid of unwanted homosapiens...LOVED that line

How do we know said...

hee hee... they dont make them like that any more.. :-)