April 24, 2007

Where on earth?

An update for Earth's Day, to my current favourite place on earth- Velachery and Chennai.

Velachery has two outlets of Reliance Fresh!- one close to my place on Velachery Main road and the other on Velachery bypass( 100 feet road) . Both are way too crowded and desperately need an express counter , else there is likelihood of the veggies going from fresh to stale by the time your turn to bill and pay comes up.

The locality has a jewellers by name NSC which was smartly launched with Akshaya Tritheya ( the Indian Gold Rush- actually an auspicious day to buy gold) and a coffee pub ( finally) called Coffee World.

I really cannot fathom why no movie multiplex has been floated in this area....

Check Storytrails out- I love this concept. Would be great to be a part of an endeavor like this. And to begin with I wish to experience the Dance and the Bazaar trails once launched.

I missed a lovely air show on Marina on Sunday because we had gone over to Sri Kalahasthi. More on that later.

Also missed an official trip to Bangladesh, since I opted out. It was only fair since my colleague was doing a lot more of the legwork on it. It is one of those countries ( along with Nepal and Sri Lanka ) where an Indian does not feel poorer or too far away from home. So if you want a global experience you can forget it. Sri Lanka is like Kerala or Goa, Nepal is like Ladhakk meets Nainital. Not just are we a part of the same Indian sub-continent with a common past but we also share cricket, cuisine( in part) and clothing. The 3 Cs that dominate our life.

My memory of Bangladesh is what my father brought back to us when I was in school. Cheap cotton t shirts, moodas, Jamdani saris, palm jaggery and a small grain rice to make kheer with. And some very cultured doctors who were just very Bengali to me, a South Indian brought up in Mumbai.

Hopefully my colleague gets me back some palm jaggery. Else will have to check with Reliance Fresh if they can source it.


itchingtowrite said...

agree with ur cmments on reliance fresh
\also the store laytout is not at all ergo friendly.

Hip Grandma said...

Ever tried rasagullas made of palm jaggery??Yummy and mouth watering i must say.If ever you visit Bengal in winter be sure to ask for it.

artnavy said...

no hhgmom- i will definitely try next time and if i do not make it
pl get me some when u come over next?