April 25, 2007


I had been lucky enough to get a six month maternity leave. I spent it at Mumbai, my parents' place. I spent a month preparing myself for the D day.

I would leave Anush for 10 minutes and go off for a walk since that was all I could manage
She was very cooperative about starting on other foods ( after a tip from our maid who suggested that a baby can be fed better if she was lying down on your stretched legs.) It seemed dangerous at first but in a day I got the knack of it.
I came to Chennai in early January. That was exciting because it meant coming back to my own home and to Navy. Navy had a really nice welcome planned for us.

We identified a maid pretty quickly - luckily a very seasoned one. ( browsing helped)
My grandma came over to oversee the maid as we are not okay with trusting the baby with a nanny alone.
I left her for a half day just the day prior to my returning to work. I spent time getting my hair back in shape for corporate life. ( yes I had not even taken time off to visit the parlour in the preceding 6 months- in my urge to spend all the time possible with Anush) I would have come back with one leg pedicured- so anxious was I at the parlour.

Despite the preparation and Navy constantly teasing me to make me feel lighter, it was pure torture the first day back at work- a mixture of fear & confusion. I did not call home since i was sure I would break down if I did and run back to Anush- a tough task considering my home is 16 kms away from office

I wished I was in Sweden where they have long paternity and maternity leave
I wished I had been self employed
I wished I had pursued my engineering and got a flexi timing or a work form home software job- i still do

But then it got better. The first month I tried and got home a little early. My boss granted me the favour of not having to travel out of station for almost all of last year ( though my job demands it)

You may have seen my posts on my first night outs. Now I have managed it three times so far. (Munnar, Raipur and Ahmedabad) And will shortly have to do 3 nights away at a stretch-S'pore- am still a little nervous! I hope Anush remembers me when I get back. I draw strength from the fact that Navy travels often and she is all the more affectionate when he gets back.

This prompted this post.


itchingtowrite said...

1st day for me back to work was wierd. with almost no work to do. since i had already come to office 1 day for submitting my tax proofs i had alredy met the new faces (most of them). my 1st night out in goa- 2 nites from the current office was bad. esp since i was feeding still.

Orchid said...

I guess the kids will manage just fine..so long as we can let go :). Have fun in S'pore...my SIL stays there.

Usha said...

I can imagine how tough it must have been!
And reasing the first sentence absent mindedly I thought there was another baby coming!

Tharini said...

awww. I can feel your nervouness. I dare say she'll do beautfully.

Just checked out 'A long way'...and that's a wonderful idea for a blog!!

artnavy said...

itchy- i was lucky since i stoppd feeding her at 13 months

tharini- alongway is in fact apu's idea i am a guest writer that is all- but yes i do enjoy travel

usha- 2nd one is a long way off - if at all--there are some prerequisites to a baby unless it is to be an immaculate conception!!:-)

artnavy said...

orchid- u r right

it is really the mother who needs to wean away and get a hold of herself

kids always cope anyway.

i wish it was some other place since i have been to Spore at least 4-5 times- then it would make the days away seem worthwile

Lavs said...

I guess Sweden does not have a dense population hence they promote child birth by giving maternity and paternity leave. Nevertheless, I wish that maternity leaves are made compulsory for 6 months.

aalaali said...

hey..your baby is sooooo cute in all the photos...my wishes for her....

Anonymous said...

hi art,

am not a blogger...but enjoy reading your blog. am new in chennai and was intrigued in reading about the way you found your maid. can I have your email so that I could get other details about how you got your maid? Sorry for troubling n thanks,