April 23, 2007

My dear Paprazzi

They follow you. They hound you. They can be very persuasive. They can irritate as well. They make your life heaven or hell- whatever they want it to be.

Anush - my own multitasking "Paapa* "-razzo- Anush.
She rules my life and how!

When I am not at work, she will follow me everywhere. She does not even spare my most private loo moments.
She is on the prowl for any door I leave open. Ransacks all the things in the closet- skeletons or not.
She monitors what I eat and wants it too.
She even expects me to tell her my husband's whereabout. God forbid if she sees me resting my head on Navy. She raises a big hue and cry about it.

As I said, she does rule my life and I love it !

* paapa ( baby in Tamil).


itchingtowrite said...

the busy corporate looks so cute..

Hip Grandma said...

'she does rule my life and I love it !'
She's doing what she's supposed to.I wish her all success.

Gabdu's Mommy said...

:-) Gabdu rules our lives and with rules such as mamma papa se mat bat karo, i am not sure if I love it all the time :-))

GettingThereNow said...

Oh but this papparazzi is welcome to intrude upon your lives, isn't she? :D

Oh she is sooooo cute!

Fuzzylogic said...

She is certainly a corporate in the making like her mama!that's one cute pic:)

Orchid said...

Nice pictures!

artnavy said...

thanks all and now she also instructs me :-)

She says "faaast!!" when either of us is getting ready

mommyof2 said...

"she sees me resting my head on Navy. She raises a big hue and cry about it."

LOL! same here;-) Everytime they see hubby kissing me or holding my hand, both start acting silly & Gudiya starts crying cuz she wants hubby to hold her and ONLY her:-)

Minal said...

such a cute picture.

artnavy said...

thanks minal and welcome here