April 20, 2007

Friday Frenzy

A couple of Fridays back I lost my credit card. I blocked it. The PIN has come in but not the new card!! The courier came in post office hours to deliver the card, on two different days!

Yesterday we went and tried to register our marriage - our friends( and witnesses) even got us garlands to exchange and were having a lot of fun despite the heat. Oh why oh why can't the government make it simple for nomads like us who stayed in different cities than the ones we are in now and the a third one we got married in.

As long as the husband and wife are sure that they are married and have the wedding invite and photos and even a baby ( with her birth certificate) as proof what is the government's problem. And by the way, rent receipts are not adequate proof of address either!!

It would have been simpler to get married again ! Only thing Anushka would have been born out of wedlock then.....hmmmm

Our voter id photo could not be taken since we were travelling on the assigned date/place. Yesterday they finally accepted our own passport size photos. Felt victorious!

Seriously we in India need to move to the social security number system. Or maybe I am just a very lazy person when it comes to all this. ( only i can say that - so do not be ungenerous in your comments)

Why do most accessible swimming pools in Chennai have women's timings in the middle of the work day? Do they presume that working women already know swimming or that they are not entitled to learn swimming? Or worse still, that women don't work at all?


apu said...

oh yes. the last one is really bugging. the assumption ofcourse is that women dont work.

how about offering a mixed timing? Those who are comfortable enough can go in for it.

Or - divide into lanes/areas for men/women?

Lavs said...

We registered our marriage on our first wedding anniversary. Since my MIL knew some registrar, it was a 10 minute job.But I am finding it difficult to get a ration card coz
---my passport has my parents' residence address
---my voter's id card has my hubby's quarters address where we had stayed for 8 months
---my marriage certificate has my in-laws permanent residence address

itchingtowrite said...

no voters id, no ration card, no MBA degree (lost in post), mrrg registration done last year- u know how much effor i took for that, and yes, i agree it is an offending assumption that women are free during week days during the middle of the day. hell, even during weekend, i am not free in the middle of the day!! i like apu's lane system for the pool!

Usha said...

So you are officially married now - congratulations. Two wedding anniversaries per year huh!
I think as far as the governement is concerned my marriage is not recognised and I e living with a man for 29 years and haa son who is going to be 26 - what a scandal!

Hip Grandma said...

Am I married?I wonder.I haven't even saved a copy of my marriage invitation.and as for the album we both look so different that I'll have to produce an affidavit to prove my claim.But then if life is not complicated by these Govt.rules then this can't be India.We Indians wouldn't feel comfortable unless we run from pillar to post.We are suspicious of the dealing asst.who doesn't trouble us.

GettingThereNow said...

Congratulations on the official "wedding" :D Yes the assumption that ALL women would be free during a particular time of the day reeks of sexism to me. They should reserve it for women only a particular time of the day and then keep it open for BOTH sexes rest of the day.

Orchid said...

Ah! good ole India....i think I feel your pain but thank god...i registered mine before the actual wedding :)...I mean we had a registered (court) wedding a month before the ceremonial one... :)

The Mad Momma said...

hah! we had to get registered under the special marriage act or we would be happily living in sin! yeah.. i think its ridiculous to assume women are faltu and sitting around all day just to swim... no other pools near by with better timings?

How do we know said...

COngratulations on the legal wedding, and that frustration with swimming pools is also shared.. a lot!

artnavy said...

all the wise souls who got registered early - great for you

all those sailing on thr same boat-just get marreid again - it will save a lot of bother

on the swimming- i am just against the tide i guess

artnavy said...

hhgmom and usha- chee chee- the culture police will be after you now