April 19, 2007

Delhi Dwellings

Was in the capital city yesterday.

Was surprised to see how hot it was already. It has also joined the other Indian cities with water problems/ scarcity, at least this summer.

The hoardings are far fewer than in Chennai or Mumbai.

This is the only place where I saw accidents on flyovers- autos have rammed into the boundary walls of the flyovers!!

Ate in a restaurant called Chor Bazar, near Mc Doanlds, Noida. Chaat was good, dessert bad. Interesting choice of side dishes - bitter gourd and raw jackfruit were there apart from the omnipresent paneer.

I bought nine outfits for Anushka in Lajpat Nagar market for a steal, in fifteen minutes flat.

It reminds me a lot of a hotter- larger Blore. I cannot pin down why. Any help?


SM said...

You didn't call. You were in Noida, which is 15 mins from my place. You didn't know that of course, but you didn't call. Did you get my email with my numbers??

Yes, Delhi is HOT HOT HOT. I am dreading May/June. It's hot and we have power shortage. But we are considering selling electricity to Mumbai. Are we not generous???
Delhi, a hotter larger B'lore. Maybe coz its a cosmopolitan in the real sense-lots of different cultures, languages; similar pace of life (unlike Mumbai) and the traffic situation (tho its improved a great deal in Delhi). Last I was in B'lore was 3 years ago, so I may be totally wrong.

itchingtowrite said...

hey i am J. i wud love to go to delhi and shop anytime of the year. my dreams of freaking out at lajpat nagar is unfinished- yet.

Life Lover said...

9 outfits in 15 minutes, good going! good time management..no wonder you update your blog regularly with the kid, the hubby and the job!! ;)

Orchid said...

Visited Delhi as a child and Bangalore now is nothing liek ti used to be back then...so I wouldn't even attempt any comparisons.
Looks like you are having fun!

Sunita said...

9 outfits in 15 mins ... some kind of a record that is. I take 15+ mins to pick just one.
Delhi, been there for visa stamping ....a very short visit.

artnavy said...

The poblem of plenty is what I am always faced with in Delhi when it comes to chaat and clothes

they are all too good to drop

funny thing is , I like to viist Delhi but would not want to live there- no offense sm and madmomma

artnavy said...

sm- i did not get your mail on time- will call when i am there next time

orchid- yes
navy says i am teh kind of person who has fun wherever i go and whatever i do