March 29, 2007


Anush has taken to hugging and saying A loo u ( I love you). It is so endearing!

Also she calls her paati "Amma - Daajam and paata" in that order. She calls me amma or aatha ( a variation of my name)

The first name leads to confusion at times, when both my mom and I assume she is referring to the other. Then she resorts to the other names to get attention.

While on hugs- Huggies soap has been launched in India. Anyone tried it?
I am awaiting their bodywash.


Sush said...

Huggies soap.... hmmm., hope it is mild and smells good.. do let me know how it is.. I love the smell of almost all the baby soaps.

apu said...

this is one thing about the next gen - they r so demonstrative, unlike many of us who never knew how to say these things, even if we felt them. guess their exposure is so much more..

Doc said...

Dont keep changing soaps if your kid is doing good with an existing soap.

I too reside at Velachery and am a practising physician. I do have a few kid patients by the name of Anusha, but I really dont know if your daughter is one of them. I've a poor memory :P

Its a neat coincidence, but then you already know this: The World is a small place



@ said...

aatha for you!! lol :) has she been watching rajkiran movies ;)

Rohini said...

Take it from me - Dove is much milder than any other baby soap. Even J&J

Anonymous said...

what is a bodywash that you are mentioning ?

artnavy said...

Agree when it comes to bar soap

But I use only liquid soap- no soaps
J&J liquid is really good as is huggies at least in terms of the frag saftey stringency they follow
hence the choice

And any day I trust P&G stuff over the Unilever ones- so Olay bodywash is better than Dove

@- you said it

doc- ANush is ANushka- she does to a paed in Dhandeeswaram- where do u practice?

apu- i prefer N& E Indians in this one thing versus us non expressive SIndians- but things are changing

B o o said...

Art - Do you mean the J&J top to toe wash? I found that it makes Ashus skin very dry. But I found a j&j body wash with aloe vera in one shop in Blore and it was very good.(But a strong scent though.) Im a Dove fan myself and planning to use the Dove body wash for Ashu as well after she turns two. That way one less baby item to carry when we travel! :)

artnavy said...

J&J lavender from the USA and J&J Milk Bath from Spore/ KL

As for me, like i mentioned to Rohini I like Olay over Dove

Hip Grandma said...

hugs to anush.she looks naughty naughty in the latest photograph