March 30, 2007


There is a proposed bandh trow in Chennai. I did not hear about it till a colleague asked me and he said " Aren't you educated ? Should you not know?"

Embarrassing! I had to admit I had not watched the news the previous day nor had I read the paper this morning. And there had been no mention of this on FM.

I wonder if I could have had a smart rejoinder like" Educated people do their work - not go about on bandh losing money and business for many"That would have been only my opinion against bandhs. It would not have been an adequate reason for not knowing about it!

I was wondering if my 150th post will come first or my 13000th visitor. I have the answer today.


itchingtowrite said...

i am with u in your embarassment

artnavy said...

hahah- thanks comrade!

SM said...

How about-you meant "literate" didn't you?? I am literate AND educated AND a working mom and as a consequence I am incredibly busy.Why don't you tell me all about it and while you are at it how about telling me what good this bandh will augur for the economy??

But yes,in your place I would have just had a sheepish grin!! Since Ananya was born, I hardly read the paper and news channels are not on the favourites list either.

Hip Grandma said...

Am I the 1300th visitor?I heard abt the bandh from my mama.What is the reason behind it?I did not get the details.

Doc said...

Its a weird kind of sophistication not to know whats happening in your OWN place but knowing whats going on with the rest of the world :)))))))

Ok, now please dont bite me head off...I am just trolling there;)

I practice at Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery and I do house visits on a daily basis.

Cheers and Ta

Noodlehead said...

After the number of bandhs in blore, i firmly belive that they are a waste of time and serve no purpose other than to disrupt life.

call me dense, but i see no connection in being educated and not knowing that there's a bundh. you just weren't informed or aware of things around!

Patti said...

hehe..funny, I knew abt the bandh from here...guess one never really knows when something is close to home.I guess I would have also not realised if I was there.

How do we know said...

ha ha! i dont know.. some days i know abt bandhs, and some days i dont.. but like you, i think they are a sheer wate of time, invented by indians to drop the productivity of the british Sarkar, it is now used to drop the already low productivity of India.

S said...

Well should nt bandhs happen on weekdays (I believe this one is on a sat).. That way everyone s happy with an additional day off..

Tharini said...

Congrats on the 150th post. Is that what came first?

Interested in this?

artnavy said...

tharini- no - got my visitor first- still 7 posts to go

thanks others for not laughing too much at my lack of info

doc said it