March 28, 2007


I wonder why people wish to remain anonymous when they leave comments.

If they are taking the trouble to key in an opinion it does not take long to create an ID as well or leave in a name.

Some possibilities:
They are sly/ perverted
They are timid/ insecure- are wary to tell you upfront because of the repercussions
They are delusional- think they are Sherlock Holmes or some master of disguise
They are romantic and think you might be "thrilled" by their inventiveness
They are plain forgetful

What do you think? Anonymous comments not welcome.


Usha said...

I think most of the time it is because they make occasional forays into blogosphere and hence could nbot be bothered to create an ID.
Sometimes they are also when they want to be particularly vicious or nasty and dont have the guts to openly say it.

Lavs said...

I guess they do not have the guts to reveal their true identities...but then I have seen some anon comments in Madmomma's blogs which have patronised her point of view.

apu said...

Could also be cos they think the view is important and not necc the person who says it? (doesnt matter where it comes from....)

Doc said...

Came across your blog when I Googled about Velachery. Nice to see you updating your blogs ever so regularly as opposed to me! Cheers and keep up the funtastic work.

Ever heard the saying: Anonymity is a warm blanket? A lot of peeps do not like to come out of their cocoon either in real or in the virtual world.

Cheers and Ta

PS: You still live in Velachery?

Orchid said...

maybe they are just plain lazy :)
and btw I enjoy going to ariport Beauty parlors so I support your wish

@ said...

saw the anon comment from the prev post that triggered this one. I have to agree with Doc - it is easier to disagree, spite, and ridicule when you're anonymous.

you can set up blogger to not allow anon comments. so turn that feature on and turn off these trolls.

Fuzzylogic said...

I agree with others,most of the anon comments are made when people just want to mask the identity and express some negative opinion.It's sheer cowerdice!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, think i'm Sherlock Holmes..heh.

Ok, i'm too lazy to even comment, let alone create an ID, sign in and then comment. But you are right, anonymous comments are annoying.

As an aside, you just forced me to created an ID today. Happy?


Sandhya said...

That was me..

Anonymous said...

i am also one of the above bloggers. I just add my anon comments in your blogs to reveal my other split personality. i feel you are quite a girl who openly says many facts and appreciate you for that, but i get a thrill leaving anon comments. i wish you see you in person and see if you are what i gather from your writings. you could be a totally different girl too. using the blogs to express a different self.

artnavy said...

Sandhya- good going sandhya

@- i fogot how to say no to anonymous comments- so teh word verification is on

doc/ apu/ lavs/ usha/ orchid/ fuzzy- all of u - thanks for ur thoughts

doc- yes i live in velachery still

theanalogkid said...

@art - word verification doesnt prevent anon comments.. :).. disable anon comments from ur blogger settings if u dont want them..

i've seen that most of the anonymous cowards are "attention seeking". this applies only if they are flaming or trolling on your posts ofcourse.

mommyof2 said...

I found it;-) to disable anon comments go to
check "who can comment"
or And check comment moderation option on the same page..