February 15, 2007

Namma Bengalooru

Was in Bangalore yesterday. I always felt that Bangloreans are a kind and peaceful people, welcoming towards guests. In India. we are brought up to share and the minimum courtesy when you have guests is not to refuse water. Well....Being a dodger, I move on things that struck me on this trip.

Jet airways welcomed us with heart shaped cookies. Bow tied and all that. Nice gesture. Would have been better if eth cookies had been from Cookieman.

Just found out that Nilgiris and MTR both have sold out of the founding family. Saving grace being that the MTR restaurant remains in family custody.

The National Polio drive is so good. There are volunteers( college girls/ girl guides?) who sit at the airport and catch everything that is on two feet and less than 10 years of age and ask if they have been vaccinated- I was pretty impressed by their perseverance even amidst the rows of trolleys that come in the way

Traffic in Blore is a nightmare and I just mean the approach to the airport from the main road. I rushed out of the cab and made a run for it. Just five minutes ahead of take off time but enough time to receive a few condescending looks .

Am amazed to see the development on the route to Sarjapur road. And i do think the residential apartments at Blore are the best looking of all the metros

Missed meeting up with my old buddy whom I hardly stayed in touch with. Plan to meet up next time. Was good and coincidental to talk to him on Valentine's Day.

For all those who believe in it- Happy V day and for those who do not it is another excuse to proclaim your love for all your dear ones.

Finally behave as if everyday is a V day, as Navy says.


Usha said...

Ok, In bangalore for the past 3 years we never promise to be at a meeting "at this time " we always say 'around this time" "4-ish" etc...Now you know why. Yoiu cant make promises. You propose, Bangalore traffic dsiposes.

As for the looks of the residential complexes, which part of the city were you in..just HSR layout?? Just wait till you see some eyesores in other parts.

itchingtowrite said...

i registered at the hospital and they got the volunteers come home and do it for me

theanalogkid said...

yoohoo... blore traffic rocks doesnt it?.. am lovin it everyday :)

Has to be me said...

I used 2 fly once every week 2 blr in my previous job & hence blr was like 2nd home 2 me. Beautiful place it is indeed! But yes I hear that the traffic is really horrible. Is it really worse off than Chennai traffic?! ;)

Hmmm Navy seems romantic to celebrate every day as V day!!! ;)

Cloudy Musings said...

I agree wid H2BM's last point...LOL ;-)

Wish a Belated Happy V-Day to everyone out there...Luv can be of any form after all!! Don't forget!!;-)

And I'm not back yet...exams have just started...no more posts until feb 28....many of the old ones are lined up too!! :-(

starry nights said...

I was excited to read about Bangalore.thats where I grew up but have not visited since 1995.I hope to make it this year and Everyone says I will be shocked to see how the city has grown.

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Commuting on Airport Road is an impossible task. Infact crossing Airport Road from Indira Nagar is even more an impossible task...Anyways good that you were able to travel safe...

Jet Airways and Cookieman's Cookies? Keep dreaming...I used to fly with Jet regularly...All they gave was that Imli Mittai :)

Orchid said...

Thanks! As a native Bangalorean I feel it appropriate to acknowledge the compliments and as far the complaints...wish somebody with authority would hear you.
So, what you doing for V-day tomorrow? (Pun intended :)

mommyof2 said...

:-) @ last line..

Anonymous said...

was in bangalore during 90-91 and it was great. we used to be in mg road/brigade rd all weekends and there was endless food/movies etc. and koramangala was outskirts and was almost empty. have'nt been for more than a month to really compare, but i will not settle there for sure. in spite of water issues, chennai feels good - temples, food, sweets, music, dance etc

KK said...

Bangalore traffic less told the better :)

artnavy said...

usha = seen only parts of blore
jai and jp nagar and wilson gardens

anuhsa- jet does offer cookieman's double chococ chip cookies- if you forgo your meal
got it yesterday on thw way from Ahmedabad

momof 2, has2bme and orchid i am lucky in this regard- the last line of the post i mean

all of u- thanks for stopping by= for TRAFFIC maybe we shld move on to cycling and pool car systems