February 13, 2007

My Soap Story

Or Should I say Kahani Soap ki. Given that Ekta Kapoor has so many of them & it works well for her, I thought I would try my hand as well.
Some soaps bring tears,
Some are reassuring,
Some bring joy and memories
Some are plain distressing.
So indulge me on my soap saga....
When I was a little kid, I used brown Pears- till I was about 7 yrs old - because my mother bought it for me.
Then it was Rexona- Because we bought a TV and i loved the "Sona sona" ad ( Alan- this sona is "gold" not "sleep")
Ponds Cold Cream soap- It was one of the few soaps that came in a dark coloured carton - a lovely creamy moisturizing soap- cannot find it anymore
Le sancy- That big bean like soap which was supposed to float- again ad led buy
Dettol- In my early teens- I thought it kept me squeaky clean for a day full of activity
Pears Green- In college- loved the smell
Allcare- Am sure no one even in Godrej remembers this brand of theirs
Shower Gel/ cream- was gifted an Armani Shower gel set durign my wedding and since then Kahaani mein twist- I moved to shower gel- use any of the Olay and Palmolive ranges

Post pregnancy I moved to Palmolive Aromatheraphy- the magenta one- it was a very reassuring scent for me and I thought that the baby would like it/ or would find it non-intrusive when I was nursing her. I more or less continued with it.

Do share your soap story with me.

And all you TV buffs, KARAMCHAND is back on air as is the over the top Coffee with Karan ( which I still like to catch)


Has to be me said...

LOL! what a soap story indeed! I've never really bothered or paid much attn to the soaps I've used! Anything good goes!

Hip Grandma said...

I am a Margo patron.I never feel happy using anything else.As a child I used Mysore sandal because my mom used it.

starry nights said...

I love this soap story.who would have thought soaps for different stages in one's life.But it is true.I remember starting out with pears also.I loved that transparent look, then on to Margo soap , lux, rexona and then I forget which one until I came to the US.Thanks for the memories.

KK said...

Hehehe nice Kahani soap ki...
Well I was always influenced by ads... some of them I remember are Hammam, Lux, LeSancy, Cinthol lime, Park Avenue Musk, Aramusk... now in Old spice shower gel...

nz said...

great soap story !!

artnavy said...

thanks all

each one in my family has their own favourie
my dad has been usng cinthol for as long as i can remember
my paati uses mysore sandal
my mom uses margo
and even little anush uses j&J milk batha nd huggies lavender

only navy and i are the flirters

Orchid said...

Pears, margo, rexona, cinthol...all bought fond memories :) who would've thought!...good one!

Fuzzylogic said...

Give me this soapy story anyday than tha Keketa crap:)I have always been a Pears girl,but my home has seen all the soaps that ever hit the market,my mom always preferred Lux,my dad is a Lifeboy and Rexona guy,my brother was the one who used to experiment with a whole lot,mysore sandal,margo,palmolive,rose,dove we have used it all:)

That pic of Anushka is indeed a good shot!I loved the way the light plays in that pic.

Noodlehead said...

nice post! i was faithful to the brown pears' till i was 20 (have super-duper dry skin) and have moved to the olay shower gel for sensitive skin...it's AWESOME and best of all - it doesn't have a fragrance so I don't come out sneezing! one of the few products that actually makes my skin baby-soft through the day!

Cloudy Musings said...

Cool post...
My soap ki kahani is longer than urs...lol
N it's "Koffee with Karan"...I luvv that show!

itchingtowrite said...

not to forget the office soaps for evaluation.. and i recall the looks people gave u when u said i don't use soap..obviously meaning that u use shower gels!! i miss the soap bits we used to get for evaluation and I recall with a laugh VI's words- i remove the soap bits from my bathroom when a guest comes else he may think i am so kanjoos!!

Patti said...

what abt all those soaps u used to smell and wash ur hands with day in and day out....pink, green and white color ones!! and of course the rare yellow ones...did i get the colors correct? so do u still handle that?

Rio said...

hahahah interesting post! :D
for me its been a similar ride altho' i dont keep track like you do, but seem to have come full circle...using brown pears now and fem handsoap, all the colors n fragrances!

artnavy said...

Fun to see how the most trivial things can be interesting

Diff strokes for diff folks but PEars does seem to have a greta following

Patti/ itchy- the job continues ....now add purple, orange and blue colours as well

artnavy said...

fuzzy- thank for noticing the pic

cloudy- long time- u r back? exams over?

Usha said...

It was hamam as long as I was in my parents' place _ supposed to be the least harmful.
Then cinthol in calcutta - I think thats because it was husband's brand and didnt want to demand another soap for me.
Mysore Sandal in the early days of bangalore - of course because of the smell
Dove for a while - ad induced.

(always had a fascination for camay but could not get it in Indai in those days so only when someone came from abroad and gifted one it was used sparingly to make it last forever)

Whats the current soap? wait let me check. Ok it is FA, have no idea why.Husband must have liked the colouror the pack.

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. Never thought one could do a post on soaps :) Good topic.

One difference I noticed between Indian soaps and the soaps we get here is that, Indian soaps are so strong in their fragrance. My favorite used to be Pears in winter. Even now I buy it sometimes for the nostalgic value

mommyof2 said...

*sigh* you know it may sound silly but I always brought back a bag full of Indian soap.. Not to use but to put it in my itchen & bathroom just to have indian feeling all day long:-)

artnavy said...

momof2- not at all silly- very sweet

tdna- u do not visit me much now a days?

usha- i liked the earlier FA aqua