February 18, 2007

One and a half now

My baby is 18 months old. One and a half years. WOW.

Time flies. The stork arrived. The first birthday was celebrated and now we are half way to the next one.

As has been the practice, 18 things about Anush today:
Anushka has to see her mother first thing in the morning as soon as she is up
She stands at the balcony and says Hi and bye to all who pass by
She loves to watch lights on buildings and says "tite"
She likes to open and shut lids/ boxes
She likes to shoe shine her Appa's shoes
She loves to mop the floor and then uses the same rag on her face though.She wipes her nose herself when she has a cold
She doodles with crayons and pens and calls them "pain"
She joins older kids in their play, much to their amusement and later dismay
She does not want to share her toys with kids her age
She wants to use deo like her amma and chants " dee" till I mock apply it
She finds it incredibly funny when one mews like a cat
She is glued to the TV during ad breaks and barely sees you walk in, while she is at it
She demands neat Bournvita each time she drinks it
She loves dates and raisins
She is competing for wardrobe space with her mother
She sings and talks to her dolls and her paati
She likes to sit on stools/ modas/ cars/ her chair
She is no longer afraid of her potty chair but is psyched by her large white bath tub and her play pen which has become a store house now

Anush, it has been quite a journey and you see baby, it also implies I am no longer a new mom. I have cleared my probation period and been confirmed. My performance may have wavered but not my enthusiasm.

I wish that you reslish every moment of life. Believe me, It is worth it.


Fuzzylogic said...

Wow!Congrats artnavy for reaching this milestone and lots of love to little adorable Anushka.
"She stands at the balcony and says Hi and bye to all who pass by"-Aww..that's so cute!
"She is competing for wardrobe space with her mother"-LOL,I don't doubt that one bit,I had to relocate my stuff to another room as my little girl's wardrobe seems to be growing way faster than mine:)Anushka has one enviable wardrobe:)
Really time does fly so quickly!We ought to treasure all these tiny sweet moments of them growing up.Such a sweet post artnavy,loved it!

A Little Light said...

Here for the first time..your baby is damn cute!
Competing for wardrobe space at 18 months!!! way to go!

starry nights said...

Anushka is just so adorable. So many more beautiful milestones to pass.Every one will be just as cute.enjoy her because time flies and soon she will be two.And before you know it she is going to need her own closet space.

itchingtowrite said...

the last para is beautiff-ully written
congrats on the milestones

Noodlehead said...

this is such a wonderful post!! i simply loved it :)
Anushka has to see her mother first thing in the morning as soon as she is up - reminds me of the pears' ad :)
i was laboring under the impression that babies' clothes won't need so much space but everyone has been telling me otherwise and as i read your post i'm starting to belive it! looks like i'll have to buy baby his/her own cupboard :-D

artnavy said...

thank you all

oh kids definitely need a large wardrobe- toys one rack, diapers of all kinds one rack and clothes on one rack

it is indeed amazing/ wonderful to watch a child grow

Sunita said...

Very very cute :)

Finally I got some pics and now I can't seem to wait for dates to arrive :)

Hip Grandma said...

Happy 1.5 years b;day anush!

@ said...

she sounds like one fashionable chic! love the kurti pic in the other post...happy 18m, kid...and mom!

artnavy said...

sunita/ hhgmom/ @- thanks a lot

Gabdu's Mommy said...

Hey congrats to both of you on getting here ! :) Anush looks adorabe in all the pics you've posted.. The one in Kurti is oh so cute !!

Anonymous said...

A beautifully written post and an even more beautiful daughter :)
My daughter is a year old and she does many of the same things that Anushka does but then I cannot capture them as beautifully as you!
Your daughter seems to have a great wardrobe :) Maybe you could give me pointers as to where you get her clothes from. - Anupama

artnavy said...

thanks anupama-

Just write for yourself and your baby- not for other's reading pleasure. it will always come out well that way

as for the clothes i had mentioend in the other comments
i look out for ethnic wear from handloom exhibitions
naidu hall and shantis adyar are good in chennai
weekender is also decent
footpaths in mumbai- in particular santa cruz
anyoen visiting thailand or china- ask them for baby clothes- really cheap and good quality cottons

i go with cottons only